Here is presented the recipe/receipe of cream of tomato soup. Check out as to how to make the receipe of creamy fresh tomato soup.

Cream of Tomato Soup Recipe

Talking about the soups, it is the cream of tomato soup recipe that makes the top score. There are distinctive kinds of soups like cream of vegetable soup, mushroom soup, hot and sour soup and sweet corn soup etc that find a place for themselves in the restaurant food menu card, but the fresh tomato soup is definitely the most demanded by people.

Creamy tomato soup receipe does not consist of cumbersome steps. In fact, it is very easy to prepare this recipe. As far as the nutritional value of tomato soup is concerned, it contains about 3.5 gram proteins, 23.7-gram carbohydrates, 8.3-gram fats and 180 calories. Here are presented the steps as to how to make the receipe of fresh tomato soup.