Here is information about sugar busters diet plan. Read about low sugar diet for weight loss.

Sugar Busters Diet

Sugar busters diet is a specific diet combination for weight loss. The basic idea behind this diet is that in order to reduce weight we should avoid certain sugars that are the cause of weight gain. The diet is not a completely no carbohydrate diet, it not even defines what amount of carbohydrate can you consume in a day. It simply recommends omitting certain carbohydrates from your diet which have a tendency to increase the blood sugar. The most important point suggested in this diet is that your calorie intake should not increase 1200 a day. Here is the list of what to eat and what to avoid while on a Sugar Busters Diet.


What to eat
While on a Sugar Busters Diet, you can eat lean beef, chicken and other lean protein sources as well as certain vegetables such as beans, lettuce and squash. You can also consume low-fat dairy products. Many fruits which are low in sugar content can also be eaten. The whole grain products are encouraged. Eggs, fishes and sea foods if not breaded are permitted.

What not to eat
Do not be in an illusion that you will just have to avoid just candy bars and cakes. You will have to leave all the sources of sugar which also include natural products like honey, beer, pasta and potatoes. Apart from this, you will also have to stay away from highly-refined and processed food. However nutra-sugar is permitted in less quantity.

Pros and Cons of Sugar buster diet