Here is information about low fat grapefruit meal diet plan that will help you decide as to does the grape fruit diet work or not.

Grapefruit Meal Diet Plan

Grapefruit Diet, also known as the Hollywood Diet, is a short-term diet used for quick weight loss. On combining with proteins low in calories and sodium, this diet plan usually helps the person to lose around 10 pounds in 12 days. Came into existence during 1930s, Grapefruit diet now has various versions. Though diet has been a controversial one, it still attracts people who are keen to shed those extra kilos.

Grapefruit may be a secret weight-loss weapon because of low glycemic load. According to the researchers, grapefruit contains a compound that interacts with the liver to lower cholesterol. It also helps in regulating insulin, that if present in excess can cause weight gain. Grapefruit contains vitamin C and fibers, and has fewer calories. Thus, the chemical properties of grapefruit reduce insulin levels and encourage weight loss.

Grapefruit Diet Plan Chart
The traditional grapefruit diet consists of a 7 or 21 day eating plan.

Breakfast: 2 eggs (cooking style depends), 2 pieces of bacon and one-half of a grapefruit, or four to eight ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice.

Lunch: Meat (any style, any amount), salad and either one-half of a grapefruit or four to eight ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice.

Dinner: Vegetables, meat or fish (whatever style) and grapefruit. After dinner, the person can take either an eight-ounce glass of skim milk, or tomato juice.

Things To Be Taken Care Of, While Following The Plan
Some Facts About Grapefruit Diet
Note: Before starting Grapefruit diet, it is suggested to consult a dietician or nutritionist because the diet may not suit every person.