Here is information about food combining diet plan. Read about the concept of food combining for weight loss.

Food Combining Diet Plan

Food combining diet plan is basically a way of inducing compatible combinations of food in a diet. The basic premise of this diet is that different digestive conditions are required to digest different kinds of eatables. So during the process of digestion, different kinds of food may not be properly dissolved, thus leaving many of its constituent nutrients unused. So, a proper combination of food that is compatible in terms of digestion should be eaten together. Also, for losing weight certain combination of compatible foods is said to bring positive results. It is said that a proper food combination can help you lose two to three pounds each week.

Basic Premise
The food combining diet plan promotes the habit of including more and more fiber content in the diet. The staple constituent of this diet is vegetable and fruits. The other very basic requirement of this diet plan is not to let protein mix with carbohydrate. It is preferable to have a difference between the in take of the two. Other than this there are instructions like not combining dairy and acidic products together. This best thing about this diet is that it is very friendly with your digestive system. The diet can be about 3-5 weeks long depending upon your personal requirements.

The Diet
If your sheer objective to opt for this diet is to lose weight, you can go according to the diet chart given below. Also do not forget to keep compatible combination in whatever you consume in alternative to what is given below. The combination in the chart given below will help you in losing weight as well as gaining other benefits like complete detoxification and organ renewal. Here is the basic diet chart of the food combination diet plan.

Day 1 - Day 10: Only fruits
Day 11 - Day 19: Half a pound of bread, two tablespoons of butter and three ears of corn
Day 19 - Day 21: A complete protein diet such as steak or lobster.

Pros and Cons of this diet
The pros of this diet plan are that as this diet is mild and digestive, it will certainly help your digestive system to relax. It will also completely detoxify the bowel system and help in refreshing your stomach. As it is also helpful in weight loss, you will gradually lose weight in 3-5 weeks span. The cons of this plan are that at times the prescribed diet is deficit of the vital nutrients that the body requires. It is also said to be promoting the breakdown of muscles at times. At times, the combination is also complex to understand leaving you with minimal food choices. Hence, take a conscious decision before opting for it.