A liquid diet plan could work wonders for your body. If you would like to learn more about liquid diet shakes or any other recipe that could help you with weight loss, read on.

Liquid Diet Plan

In the present times, as more and more people are becoming conscious about their figures, liquid diet plans are gaining momentum. Liquid diet shakes are selling like real hot cakes in the market, as it helps a great deal in augmenting the regular weight loss program. A liquid diet primarily aims at replacing two meals and a snack with a carefully planned drink, shake or soup. The liquid diet plan gives you the liberty to have one meal of your choice, but you need to ensure that it doesn't contain more than 600 calories and consists of food items that are rich in the nutrients that the body requires. However, there is one drawback of depending solely on a liquid diet plan. If on one hand, it helps you lose weight, then on the other hand, as and when you get back to your usual diet, consisting of solid foods, there is a possibility that you might regain those extra pounds that you had shed. So, make a conscious decision, as far as following a liquid diet is concerned. Read on for more on liquid diet plans.

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss
It is widely believed that a liquid diet plan will kick start the process of weight loss in people who have been having persistent problems with their weight. While there are many other diet plans that can be followed, it has been proven that a liquid diet is more effective. This is because following a liquid diet will keep the stomach full at all times and hence, there will be no unnecessary hunger cravings. A liquid diet is also detoxing and less severe on the digestive system and the liver. This is because a liquid diet is easily digestible and the minerals and vitamins are absorbed faster.

Any liquid diet helps people with frequent food cravings, helps the body maintain high energy levels at all times compared to other diet programs. It helps in the detoxification of the body and thus, increases the overall vitality. Following a liquid diet also helps in the production of free radicals thereby slowing down the ageing process, adding more life to the skin and also increases the longevity of the body cells.

What Does A Liquid Diet Comprise Of?
A liquid diet plan will mainly consist of 75 percent of water, fruit juices without sugar, vegetable juices, soups and broths, smoothies and protein shakes. Fruits and vegetables are high in nutritive value as they provide the body with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is very important to note that while on a liquid diet most people do not consume essential fats. This should not be done, as fats are very essential, otherwise it can cause wrinkling of the skin and bags under the eyes. Olive oil can be added to soups or vegetable juices, flaxseeds or flaxseed oil can be added, almonds can be added to soups, this will also add flavor and make the juices or soups thicker.

It is very important to remember that too much water can will flush out are the important nutrients from the body. So it is best advised to drink 8 less than 8 glasses of water while on a liquid diet as the body is getting water from other sources like juices and soups as well.

Liquid Diet Shakes
The different options in a liquid diet that include various kinds of diet shakes using milk, yogurt, fruits and vegetable juices and even soya milk. Given below are some simple recipes.

Skimmed milk shake

Blend all the ingredients together in a mixer or blender and if the consistency is too thick a little water can be added. Milk is nutritious and provides the body with protein, calcium and essential nutrients. While bananas are rich in potassium and strawberries are rich in vitamin c, ragi will provide iron and protein. This smoothie can be consumed for breakfast and is a nutritious way to begin the day.

Vegetable soup
Blend all the vegetables until a smooth consistency is achieved. Heat some olive oil in the pan, add ginger and garlic paste and pour the blended vegetable mixture and bring to boil. Later garnish with spinach, paneer cubes and mushrooms. Season with black salt, pepper and chop in some cilantro for extra zing. This is a filling soup that is ideal for lunch, dinner or supper.

While a liquid diet may not seem like a fascinating idea at first, it does have a number of benefits that could work to your advantage provided you consume the right kinds of drinks, smoothies or soups. Be wise with your choices and go through this article once again to understand all the points before you come to a decision.