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The biography of Shri Yogendra provides us an insight into his life. Read about Sri Yogendra life history.

Shri Yogendra

About Shri Yogendra Shri Yogendra was the founder of 'The Yoga Institute' situated in Santa Cruz, Mumbai. A firm believer of yoga, he founded the institute to promote the science of Yoga throughout the world. He was also credited with the revival of the classical yoga ideals. Read this biography further to know more about Shri Yogananda.

His Life
The life history of Sri Yogendra tells us that he was born on 18th November 1897. When his met Guru Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji, he was still in college. The meeting with Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji made Yogendra a devoted believer of Yoga. He joined Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji's ashram in Malsar city of Gujrat and started studying Yoga sincerely. After completing his training, he decided to leave the ashram, in order to propagate the benefits of Yoga amongst the masses. Shri Yogendra left the world in 1989, passing on his legacy to his son, Dr. Jayadev.

Establishment of 'The Yoga Institute'
Shri Yogendra was also a brilliant poet. Mr. Masani, an influential person from Mumbai, once came across is poetry. Impressed with Shri Yogendra, he invited him to his home in Versova, Mumbai. Mr. Masani offered him his own house as an ashram. This laid the foundation of The Yoga Institute of Mumbai.

About The Yoga Institute
One of the oldest organized Yoga enters in the world, The Yoga Institute of Mumbai is a non-profit organization. It aims at helping people in physical, moral and psychic development, with yoga as an aid.