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Here are ideas about Vaastu Shastra vidya. Read about Indian vastu / vaasthu kala.

Vastu Shastra

hese days, we often hear people talking about Vaasthu kala. But none of us have an exact idea as to what is this Vastu shastra all about. Indian vaastu shastra is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature, namely earth, water, air, fire and space and uses them to the benefit of mankind. It is an art of using these five elements also known as Paanchbhootas, for the prosperity of humans.

Vaastu shastra is an art that enables us to lead a peaceful life, by creating congenial living conditions. It is an ancient Indian art that harnesses the energy of natural elements like the heat and light of sun, gravitational force of earth, direction of winds, the intensity of rainfall etc and uses them to balance with the surroundings of mankind. Thus, Vastu vidya is the art of molding the natural environment so as to suit the needs of human beings.