Unani medicine system utilizes a number of herbal therapies for treating a patient. To know about the various therapies, read on.

Unani Therapies

The Unani system of medicine makes use of a number of things for treating a patient. It believes in a holistic approach of healing. As a result, it incorporates various therapies for healing not only the disease but also focus on the overall health condition of the patient. For internal healing it utilizes herbal medicines, which are prepared from natural objects. On the other hand, for external healing it uses a number of therapies, which depend on the type of ailment and the condition of the patient.

The application of bath for healing purposes in the traditional Unani medicine system is known as Balneology. The bathing therapy is conducted in a bathing room which is refer to as Hammam in Arabic and ancient Unani text.

Cupping is a unique therapy in Unani medicine system. The therapy is based on the principle of Acupressure and employs glass cups for the same. Cupping treatment is carried out in order to remove any blockages in the tissues and arteries.

The traditional system of medicine, Unani lays stress on the importance of diet on health. According to Avicenna, most of the illnesses arise as a result of prolonged disorders related to diet and regimen.

Pharmacotherapy or Pharmacology in Unani involves the usage of drugs, which have natural origin. This means that they can be derived from natural sources like plant, animal or mineral. With the help of these components, single as well as compound remedies are prepared. These drugs can be in the form of Safuf (Powder), Haboob (Pills) and Qurs (Tablets), Kushtajat (Oxides) and Sharbat (Syrups). However, Majun, Itrefal and Khamirajat (Semi solids) are used in the treatment of various complex and chronic disorders. In a more complex situation, surgery is deemed as the last resort.