Homeopathic healing treatment involves an exhaustive procedure and careful observation. Read on remedies in homeopathy.

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy involves a careful observation of the patient and the symptoms of the disease exhibited by him. This includes detailed examination of patient's history including all the aspects of his life such as physical, mental and emotional. It also includes the various incidents in his life, which might have led to the problem. This information is then translated into a complex blueprint of mental and physical symptoms, comprising of the likes, dislikes, innate predispositions and even the body type of the person.

The basic aim of this exercise is to evaluate the overall health of the person. The symptoms determined are then compared with the data in the drug provings, laid down in the 'materia medica'. After another exhaustive dialogue with the patient, the homeopath decides the drug matching most closely the 'symptom totality' of the patient. However, there is conflict amongst homeopaths on the method of determining the most similar remedy for a disease. This is partially due to the complexity of the process of "totality of symptoms".

The homeopaths argue that each practitioner does not take into account all the symptoms and consider only the characteristic ones, they feel. Thus, the process of determining the symptoms and the drug is subjective, the accuracy of which depends upon the experience and knowledge of the homeopath. Thus, there is a considerable amount of diversity, when it comes to the different approaches to the treatments of various diseases in Homeopathy.

This can be further made clear from the fact that Classical homeopathy believes in, in-depth analysis of the patient and infrequent doses of a single remedy, with patient being continuously monitored for improvements. On the other hand, Clinical homeopathy, as it is called, uses an approach which involves the use of different remedies to cover the various symptoms of the illness. This is somewhat very similar to the conventional drug treatments.