This article provides information about the various medicinal systems of India. Check out Indian medicine systems.

Indian Medicine Systems

India has always been cited as an enigmatic land. As, it was ruled over by diverse civilizations, it has a rich historical and cultural past. The medicinal system of India is also a blessing of the same. The extensive knowledge about medicines has been developed by the enlightened minds of the yore. It is the product of observational power, experimentation and analysis with patience over a period of thousands of years. This has given a significant boost to the development of the country.

The prime medicine system is still considered as Ayurveda, as it has its roots in Vedas, the most ancient documents and primary source of Indian wisdom and knowledge. However, in the medieval times, a number of medicine systems flourished in the country. This was mainly due to the influence of diverse cultures. They were readily welcomed by the Indian scholars as well as populace. Thus, they took deep roots in the soils, giving India, a wealth of healing mechanisms.

However, different medicinal systems have their own distinct styles of healing and treatment. Homeopathy works on the principle that a drug and a disease that produce similar symptoms cancel each other. In Naturopathy, diseases are cured by means of all natural remedies. In Siddha system, ailments are diagnosed primarily with the help of signs and symptoms. Unani aims at maintaining proper health by preserving symmetry. For further research and imparting education on these systems, there are many dedicated colleges and universities.