Unani Medicine Formulary helps in the determination of disease & its treatment. Know more about Formulary of Unani System.

Unani Formulary

Unani Formulary facilitates the determination of the medicine to be taken in a specific disease condition and the way in which it is to be consumed. For the convenience of the therapist as well as the patient, the Formulary is arranged according to the various diseases that affect different parts of the body. However, to be able to use the Formulary for your benefit, one should follow a step-by-step process. The first and foremost thing to do is, to determine the signs and symptoms you intend to treat.

After this, go to the body part that is afflicted by the symptoms and review all the sections until you find the closest resembling sign. The signs are described quite clearly and specifically. After locating the appropriate sign, read further to know the treatment for the same. The procedure usually consists of dietary adjustments, advice on the eradication of a particular humor and other general instructions. Followed by this is the determination of the cause, from between the hot or cold imbalance.

This will also indicate which humour is out of balance and which herbs are to be taken in order to correct the same. However, before deciding on going for a particular course of treatment, go through all the sections in the index to ensure you have found the most familiar symptoms and no other condition is more relevant. Regarding the treatment in the Tibb system of medicine, it is quite different form the other contemporary medical norms.

This is because it not only treats the symptoms of the disease rather it focuses on restoring and improving the cellular and atomic metabolic functional forces. Thus, the herbs prescribed in the Formulary are not the substitutes of any medical treatment. The Unani system of natural healing advocates use of essential oils for a number of imbalances. This helps in adjusting the essence of the humors subtly.

These essential oils can be applied both internally as well as externally. For external application, the oil can be massaged in pure form or can be used by mixing with sweet almond or olive oil. For emotional or mental disorders, only one or two drops dabbed in cotton are applied in the ear for one to three hours. However, prolonged usage can cause irritation. Moreover, essential oils are seldom ingested as they are extremely concentrated form of herbs, which can produce adverse effects. They are usually taken with a teaspoon of Honey.

The Unani Herbology deals with the health and disease issues in the widest possible manner, considering human beings as a unified entity on the physical, mental and spiritual planes of existence. It takes in account all the aspects of one life such as emotional, financial and sexual, to determine the reason for the imbalance caused. It believes that complete cure can only take place when the responsible factors are eliminated and replaced by their contrary ones.