Cupping is a healing therapy in Unani. Find out more about cupping massage therapy.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a unique therapy in Unani medicine system. The therapy is based on the principle of Acupressure and employs glass cups for the same. Cupping treatment is carried out in order to remove any blockages in the tissues and arteries. It improves the blood circulation and draws the healing force to the area. However, it does produce some weakness and should not be applied on people above sixty and below three years of age.

There are two methods of cupping; dry and wet. For the process a small, medium or large cupping apparatus is used, which can be of glass, bamboo or plastic. For the application, a small ball of cotton, held by tweezers is soaked with alcohol or olive oil. It is ignited and the flame is applied inside the cup, removed and extinguished. Instantly, the cup is placed over the selected spot thereby creating a vacuum and firming the cup. The method is quite safe and painless.

The optimum time for cupping is usually 10 to 15 minutes or till the skin under the skin appears reddish. After this, the cups are removed gently, by pressing the skin around the edges of the cup. Do not pull or the skin might tear. For cupping the patient should lie down on a flat bed and then the spots should be selected. In case the patient feels unwell during the procedure, it should be discontinued immediately.

The main purposes behind the process of cupping are
Moreover, there are some precautions as well that should be taken care of. Cupping should never be done over the breasts in women, as this may disrupt the menstrual flow. Other areas to be avoided are all bony prominences, sites prone to cramps, areas showing any superficial blood vessels, varicose veins or much hair growth, tumors, and lymph nodes. Besides, Cupping should never be conducted on pregnant women or infants.