The principles of Unani system act as guidelines for the practitioners. Check out the principles of Unani Medicine given below.

Unani Principles

Unani system of medicine is an exhaustive segment in the realm of Indian medicine system. It was compiled centuries back by Hippocrates, the great scholar. However, with time it was enriched by a number of his successors, due to which it has achieved the status of a science. Therefore, like any other scientific system it is governed buy a number of principles ad concepts. These basic principles throw light on the intricacies and provide a better understanding of the system, thus facilitating its practice. Thus, to decipher the puzzle of this natural healing system, read on.

Doctrine of Naturals
Unani system strongly believes in nature and its healing properties. It believes that health is a condition, which is achieved when all the functions are carried out in correct and complete manner. Thus, wholeness and balance were the norms for human beings, initially.

Six Factors of Health
The six factors of health is another principle which guides the Unani practitioners. These six factors help in determining the state of a person. The primary six factors are examined in relation with health and disease.

In Unani system of medicine, takes into account the complete personality of the person, while diagnosis. This is because every individual possesses specific basic structure, psychic makeup, self-defense mechanism, reactions to environmental factors, likes and dislikes.