Unani herbology/herbalism lays down the use of herbs in medicine and its benefits. Find out more about Unani herbal therapeutics.

Herbal Therapeutics

Unani Herbal Therapeutics is an ancient system which asserts the benefits of herbs. Herbs have many properties which help in curing diseases. Moreover, they possess other constituents like resins, gum, sugar, vitamins, inorganic salts and many vegetable substances. These components act as built-in antidotes and safeguard the body from any ill effects of the herb itself. Thus, herbal medicines yield positive and complete effects keeping in mind the whole body system.

Unani Herbology or herbalism does not favor synthetic drugs which do not keep in mind the overall integrity of the body and act only in a specific portion. Unani Herbology believes that all the herbs have their own distinct quality like hot, cold, dry or moist. This implies that after being acted upon gastric juices and going through biochemical changes it will produce some degree of heat, coldness, dryness or moisture.

Thus, the dominant characteristic of the herb and the specific pharmacological effect on it counteracts the anomaly in the body. Furthermore, there are a number of elatives, exhilarants and cardiac as well as nervine tonics formulated in Unani System which are unique. It even claims to boast of therapies which provide relief from all types of depressive states or psychoneurotic conditions. The herbal formulas in Unani can be both simple and compound and do not induce any feeling of intoxication or addiction.

Herbal Therapeutics Principles
Like all other herbal healing medicine systems of the world, namely Greek, Chinese, East Indian Ayurvedic, Arab, Persian, American Indian and other traditional herbal methods, Unani system also follows some basic principles.

Unani Formulary
Unani Formulary facilitates the determination of the medicine to be taken in a specific disease condition and the way in which it is to be consumed. For the convenience of the therapist as well as the patient, the Formulary is arranged according to the various diseases that affect different parts of the body.