Sleep Therapy is an essential natural therapy for everyone. To know more about the naturopathic treatment by sleep therapy, read on.

Sleep Therapy

Sleep is one of the natural blessings of life. Sleep gives a periodic rest to the body, which is very essential for the effective day to day functioning. The sleep also repairs the wear-tear occurred to the body and mind, during the waking hours. This explains the importance of sleep in our physical and mental life and the lack of it is very detrimental to the health. Prolonged hours of sleeplessness may lead to physiological health hazards such as loss of memory, irritability, hallucination and schizophrenic symptoms.

However, for healthy living, it is essential to differentiate between sleep and rest. Both these conditions are completely different from each other and have their own function. While resting a person is disturbed by external disturbances, but while sleeping he partially loses his consciousness. The limbs are in normal when resting, whereas they swell while sleeping. This is due to the flow of blood from the brain to the different arteries, thereby making them grow in size.

A person is more relaxed while sleeping but changes position on an average 35 times, a night. Even, many organs suspend their working during sleep. Thus, it is also referred to as temporary loss of consciousness. Sleep speeds up constructive processes over the destructive processes conducted during the waking hours and cannot be given a thought of living without. Though average time for sleep needed to feel healthy is around seven and a half hours, it still varies for different stages of life the person is currently in.
Sleeping is an art and should be practiced with utmost care. It needs a perfect blend of healthy habits and control of mind. Some of the best methods for inducing sleep include clean body and mind, relaxed mood, physical exercise and dietary control. Moreover, the sleeping area should be neat and clean, well ventilated, have balanced temperature and noise free environment. The bed should be neither too hard nor too soft. The pillow should not be hard and too high. The clothes worn while sleeping should be loose and light colored. Not to forget, do not consume heavy food right before going to bed.