Unani Herbology also follows a set of vital principles. To know more about the principles in Unani Herbal therapeutics, read on.

Herbal Therapeutics Principles

Like all other herbal healing medicine systems of the world, namely Greek, Chinese, East Indian Ayurvedic, Arab, Persian, American Indian and other traditional herbal methods, Unani system also follows some basic principles. These principles serve as the building blocks for the ones who follow it. Unani health practitioners observe these principles for the benefit of the people around. Thus, to have in-depth knowledge of Unani Herbology and Herbal Therapeutics, one should know the principles of the same.

Principles of Unani Herbology
Furthermore, the Unani system of Herbal Therapeutics carries out various therapies with medicinal herbs, both internally and externally. However, pertaining to the sensitivity of the digestion system, the herbs are very carefully prescribed for internal use. The main purposes of the internal therapy include evacuating something from the body, preventing evacuation from the body, modifying the temperament of the body organs. Nevertheless, a herbal therapist should try not to prescribe the usage of herbs for every minor change occurring within the body.

Initially, the condition should be treated by changing the method of life management like altering the patterns of sleep and wakefulness, adjusting the diet, increasing or decreasing exercise, and many other measures which would help to restore the body and mind. Also, for treating a disease, nutritive quality herbal drugs should be introduced in the beginning, followed by medicinal herbs and then try to restrict to simple herbal substances as far as possible.