Hamdard Unani is an ancient medicine system in which healing is brought about using natural means. Check out what is Unani Herbal System.


Unani, in simple terms, is an ancient medicine system of holistic and natural healing. If medicine is studied on the whole, we'll come to know that natural systems are highly complex. The phrase 'one at a time' goes well with the systems of natural medication too. This alternative system of medicine utilizes a holistic set of principles, which help a practitioner to turn a diagnosis into a treatment process. Usually associated with Islam, Unani literally means 'Greek'.

Talking strictly about Unani Medicine, this system has two basic aspects or principles - the life force or 'thymos' and the four vital essences or 'humors'. In any ailment, the thymos and the humors are expected to be affected in different ways, like its probable to have very little or too much thymos in the body, or in some part of the body. Mostly affected by emotions, thymos can also be influenced by age or disease.

However, the most frequent problems are related with the humors such as, complaints that may occur due to excessive humors in the body or some part of the body, or very little humor. Sometimes, humor could be degraded by a poison or an insidious micro-organism. Humors are generally influenced somewhat by the thymos and progressively by the intake like food and drink, and by external influences, for example environment.

Unani treatment by and large entails some dietary approaches, however in nearly all cases includes Herbal Medicine. Honey serves as the base for most of the medicines since it is believed to have healing properties. Unani Medicine also utilizes real pearls and metals as per the target ailment. In general, treatment is made by working on specific body reflexes or by massage. At times, in cases of musculoskeletal problems (like arthritis, back pain); treatment is also done by manipulation or by the use of cold, heat or suction cups.

In rare cases like serious diseases, treatment may involve puncturing of certain reflex points, during which some blood appears. The main objective of Unani system is that the medicine must always be gentle and safe, and that's what was believed by Hippocrates. Centuries of experience and practice, has established that Unani medicine is not only gentle and safe, but also extremely effective in healing numerous acute and chronic diseases.

Branches of Unani Medicine
Unani History
The history of Unani system of medicine is traced back to ancient Greece. During that time, two schools of medicine were present in Greece, the older one of which believed in treating the disease, according to the symptoms exhibited. It confirmed the fact that an illness must be dealt with one organ and should be treated separately, strictly based on the symptoms.

Herbal Therapeutics
Unani Herbal Therapeutics is an ancient system which asserts the benefits of herbs. Herbs have many properties which help in curing diseases. Moreover, they possess other constituents like resins, gum, sugar, vitamins, inorganic salts and many vegetable substances. These components act as built-in antidotes and safeguard the body from any ill effects of the herb itself.

Unani Principles
Unani system of medicine is an exhaustive segment in the realm of Indian medicine system. It was compiled centuries back by Hippocrates, the great scholar. However, with time it was enriched by a number of his successors, due to which it has achieved the status of a science. Therefore, like any other scientific system it is governed buy a number of principles ad concepts.

Unani Therapies
The Unani system of medicine makes use of a number of things for treating a patient. It believes in a holistic approach of healing. As a result, it incorporates various therapies for healing not only the disease but also focus on the overall health condition of the patient. For internal healing it utilizes herbal medicines, which are prepared from natural objects.