Siddha medicine treatment is aimed at keeping the humours in equilibrium. Check out more on treatment in Siddha system.

Siddha Treatment

The main aim behind the treatment in Siddha medicine is keeping the Three Humours in equilibrium and maintenance of the seven elements. This requires proper diet, medicine and a disciplined routine of life. As laid down by Saint Thiruvalluvar, a successful treatment has four requisites. These are, the patient, the attendant, physician and medicine. If the physician is well qualified and the other agents have necessary qualities, any disease can be cured.

The first step towards treatment is the diagnosis. After determining the course and cause of the disease, the treatment should not be delayed. In Siddha system of medicine, the treatment is categorized into three, namely, devamaruthuvum (Divine Method), manuda maruthuvum (Rational Method) and asura maruthuvum (Surgical Method). The divine method uses medicines like parpam, chendooram, guru kuligai made of mercury, sulphur and pashanams.

The rational method employs medicines prepared from herbs like churanam, kudineer, vadagam etc. In the surgical method, incision, excision, heat application, blood letting and leech application are used. Moreover, there are a number of therapies used for the treatment, like Purgative therapy, Emetic therapy, Fasting therapy, Steam therapy, Oleation therapy, Physical therapy, Solar therapy and Blood letting therapy, Yoga therapy, etc.