Siddha history dates back to the ancient times. Find out more about the origin of Siddha system of medicine.

Siddha History

Siddha system of medicine is a form of a traditional medicine system which originated down south. Siddha means achievement, which was attained by Siddhars. They were saints who were mystics and are credited for developing and forwarding the system of Siddha medicine. It is believed that there were eighteen Siddhars in total, who are also referred to as the enlightened souls. The Siddha literature is also written in Tamil and is mainly practiced in Tamil speaking regions of the country and abroad.

The Siddha System is largely therapeutic in nature and its origin can be traced back to the birth of human race on the planet. According to mythological and historical beliefs, the initial home of mankind was located in the temperate and fertile regions of the East. The human race started its culture and career from here. India for that matter of fact can also be regarded as one of the first countries in the world, from where the mankind started its journey of evolution.

Moreover, this wondrous land was primarily inhabited by the Dravidians of whom the Tamilians were the most prominent. They were also accredited for being one of the most developed civilizations which ever dwelled upon this planet. However, even at that point of time a dominant segregation was visible between the North and the South regions of India. For instance, Sanskrit presided over North while Dravidian language was predominant in South. This holds true for the science of medicine as well.

Like Ayurveda was prevalent in the north, Siddha was flourishing in the south. Owing to its antiquity, the origin of this system is attributed to the Creator himself. As per traditional tales, it is deemed that Lord Shiva unfolded the knowledge about Siddha to his divine consort Goddess Parvati. She in turn passed it onto Nandi Dev, who eventually handed it to the Siddhars. Nevertheless, Saint Agastiyar is accredited for founding the Siddha system of medicine. His works on medicine and surgery, still serve as standards among Siddha medical practitioners.