Naturopathic Therapies are employed for healing various diseases. Know more about different naturopathic treatments.

Naturopathic Treatment

Naturopathy is the science of healing various diseases using natural methods. The distinct process of healing ailments, using different natural objects can be termed as therapy. These therapies are applied by a naturopath to heal the patient, entirely. The varied therapies use different objects from nature's galore to go about the holistic healing. Mainly the five elements of the universe that is air, water, earth, fire and sky are used in Naturopathy. The naturopathic treatment methods include a number of therapies which are explained below.

Color Therapy
Color therapy is evidently into existence, since the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China and India. Colors are basically forms of visible light with varying wavelengths. As a result, each color has its own energy and wavelength.

Magnet Therapy
The branch of medicine which deals with the use of magnets to heal human diseases is termed as Magnet therapy. It is regarded both as a science as well as an art, as it involves knowledge about human organisms, various diseases and their treatment with the appropriate usage of magnets.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is a passive form of exercise and is prevalent since ancient times. Massage basically manipulates the soft tissues of the body, scientifically. The manipulation is done with pressure, including tension, motion, or vibration practiced manually or even mechanically.

Mud Therapy
Mud corresponds to the Earth element of the five elements, which the universe is made up of. It has been in use since ages for curing many diseases. It is discovered that mud refreshes and rejuvenates the entire body, warding off lethargy.

Sleep Therapy
Sleep is one of the natural blessings of life. Sleep gives a periodic rest to the body, which is very essential for the effective day to day functioning. The sleep also repairs the wear tear occurred to the body and mind, during the waking hours.

Water Therapy
We are all aware of the fact that, 'water is life' and is one of the essential elements for healthy body. All the important activities of the body are regulated and dependent on water. It carries all the hormones, vitamins, chemicals and oxygen to all the parts of the body.