This article provides information on the history of Naturopathy medicine. Know more about the origin of Naturopathy.

Naturopathy History

The Nature Cure, as it was called, started in Germany & other western countries with "Water cure" (Hydrotherapy). During that time, water cure was synonymous with Nature Cure. The water cure was popularized by Vincent Priessnitz (1799-1851) who was a farmer. As a result, he was even credited as the "Father of Naturopathy". However, the term Naturopathy was coined by Dr. John Scheel in 1895. It was further popularized and propagated by Dr. Benedict Lust.

With the growing popularity of Naturopathy, many doctors and other Nature Cure enthusiast undertook the task of expanding its boundaries. Thus, they added a number of modalities under the realm of Naturopathy and even developed them scientifically. However, in India the Nature Cure movement gained momentum during the times of Mahatma Gandhi. As the 'Father of the Nation', became interested in this system and realized its benefits, he made it a part of his programs.

The influence of Naturopathy on him is fortified by the fact that he even established a Nature Cure Hospital in Uruli Kanchan, Distt. Poona, Maharashtra which is still functional. Since then, numerous naturopathic hospitals have opened up in the country. However, it should be noted that the Indian stream of naturopathy differs from the Western stream in many ways, particularly in their emphasis on strict vegetarianism and yoga.