There are a number of concepts in Naturopathy medicine system. To know about the various basic concepts of Naturopathy, read on.

Naturopathy Concept

The Nature Cure can very well be referred to as a 'way of life'. The utility of the system can be estimated from the fact that, it even finds reference in the Vedas and other ancient texts. This leads to the conclusion that the morbid matter theory, concept of vital force and other concepts, upon which Nature Cure is based, were widely practiced in ancient India. However, to make things easy, we can summarize the basic concepts of naturopathy into three titles, which are:
This explains that Naturopathy believes that all the diseases occur due to the accumulation of morbid matter into the body. When opportunity is given for its removal, it provides cure and relief. Also, it considers that the human body is self sufficient as it possesses inherent self constructing and self healing powers. Now, based on this, if we compare Nature Cure with other systems of medicine, we will find that its theory and practices are based on holistic healing whereas the latter's approach is specific.

Thus, on the contrary Naturopathy does not just take into account the specific disease and its specific treatment. It deals with the all the possible factors for the disease as a whole, which even includes flaws in a person's lifestyle, the disturbing environmental factors that might hamper the normal functioning of the body, leading it to a weak and toxic state. After determining the factors, it stresses on their rectification, allowing the body to recover itself. Thus, a Naturopath helps Nature's effort to overcome the disease by applying the natural modalities such as air, water, heat, mud and space, and also keeping in control the natural forces.