Law of Minimum is another fascinating principle of homeopathy. To know more about Law of Minimum, read on.

Homeopathy Law of Minimum

Homeopathy pays a lot of stress on holistic healing. As a result, a patient is exhaustively examined and a detailed summary of its disease and its symptoms. This is done to ensure that the patient receives the accurate medicine, which heals him effectively, elevating his health. However, this is not the only thing Homeopathy prescribes. One of the other important aspects of the system involves the proper amount of the remedy. As per the basic principles of Homeopathy, patients are given medicine in minute doses.

The Law of Minimum Dose implies that the smallest quantities of dose produces the least possible excitation of the vital force and yet sufficient to effect the necessary change in it. The minimum dose action is thus, appropriate as a gentle remedial effect and has led to the discovery of a more practical process called potentization. However, this is not the only benefit of the law of minimum. Given below are some of the major advantages of minimum dosage.