Magnet Therapy makes use of static magnetic fields and is highly beneficial for health. Read more on magnet therapy.

Magnet Therapy

The branch of medicine which deals with the use of magnets to heal human diseases is termed as Magnet therapy. It is regarded both as a science as well as an art, as it involves knowledge about human organisms, various diseases and their treatment with the appropriate usage of magnets. As a result, Magnet therapy plays an important role in treating mental as well as physical disorders via exposure to magnetic fields.

The magnets used for magnetic therapy are designed to interact with the energy system of the body and have a profound influence on the cellular and organic activities. There are two theories which elucidate the working of the magnetic therapy. According to the first theory, when magnets are applied to the inflicting area, the respective nerves are stimulated, thereby discharging natural painkillers in the body. This accounts to the fact that magnets are used for pain relief.

The other theory states that when magnets are applied to the painful area of the body, it results in an increased flow of blood and oxygen, producing heat. This increased flow of oxygen in tissues and blood stream, results in accelerating the pace of healing process. Though Magnetic therapy is not a therapy in itself, it can be termed as a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body, for therapeutic purpose.

Although like all other sciences, the magnetic therapy is under constant scrutiny and evolution, it has still proved to be quite beneficial in healing many diseases, when drugs have failed. The therapy provides natural pain relief, induces better sleep and does not have any side effects. It has even proved to be helpful in the treatment of diseases like, cancer, mental disorders, depression etc.

The application of magnetic therapy involves a number of steps. In the beginning, the patient is thoroughly examined and interrogated about his problem. With the help of this the symptoms of the disease are determined and the approach of the therapy is also decided. Once the magnets are brought into use, it is very important to acquire the right posture, to attain full benefit from the treatment. The posture should be in accordance with the terrestrial magnetic magnetism.

Moreover, the duration of the therapy is also decided on factors like age of the patient, strength of the magnets, individual susceptibility to magnets, severity and length of disease. After this, the length of the treatment is also affirmed by the magneto therapist. This depends on variants such as, the type of disease, the degree of chronicity, structural or functional changes in an organ by the disease, reactivation of the patient etc.

Magnetic therapy is very potent and therefore should be dealt with care. There are a number of precautions which should be exercised while using magnets. Some of them are: