Siddha medicines primarily use natural objects as their ingredients. Know more about Siddha medicine.

Siddha Medicines

Siddha medicine system has a vast wealth of drug knowledge, which makes use of metals and minerals. The Materia Medica or the compilation of the drugs gives an idea about the various rich drug ingredients, classification, preparation and doses. Apart from minerals, Siddha medicines also make use of drugs obtained from animal sources. The medicines of Siddha are capable of treating almost all types of diseases.

The list includes skin problems particularly Psoriasis, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), urinary tract infections (UTI), diseases of liver and gastro intestinal tract, general debility, postpartum anemia, diarrhea, general fevers, in addition to arthritis and allergic disorders. However, many of the alchemical processes practiced by them are still a mystery for the world. Given below is the classification of drugs, which will further throw light on the medicines.