The significance/importance of Siddha medicine system is evident from the fact that it is capable of healing discrete diseases.

Siddha Significance

Siddha comes from the word 'Siddhi' which is means 'perfection' or 'eternal bliss'. These are referred to as the supernatural powers which gave the ancient saints the designation of Siddhars. By the virtue of these powers, Siddhars employed their knowledge for the benefit of the mankind. They found and developed the Siddha system of medicine, which is highly therapeutic in nature. With the help of this system they classified 4,448 diseases and varied medicines.

The medicines with therapeutic value utilized herbs, roots, salts and even toxicity reduced poisons to treat rare array of diseases. The origin of Siddha system is attributed to sage Agastiyar. It is also believed that before the Aryan occupation of the Sind region and the Gangetic plain, Tamirapani, a highly organized civilization, dwelled on the banks of River Kaveri. This civilization is considered to be the source of Siddha system.

With course of time, other systems in North helped it to grow, enriching it further. Although it still maintains its authenticity as it uses many such things which do not find relevance in the ancient system of Ayurveda. The materia medica of Siddha comprises of medicines made from metals and minerals. However, there is no mention of any use of metals and minerals in Ayurveda. Siddha text clearly specifies use of mercury, sulphur, copper, arsenic and gold as therapeutic agents.

Moreover, apart from being called as one of the most ancient medicine systems of the country, it can also be ascribed as one of the most advanced systems in all. This is attributed to the fact that Tamil Siddhars wrote about AIDS, thousands of years back. Further more, the Siddha System is capable of treating chronic diseases especially arthritis, skin problems urinary tract disorders, infertility , degenerative disorders like osteo arthritis , Senile Dementia,disease of the liver, medicinally treatable Spinal disorders ,general debility ,diarrhoea and intractable allergic disorders.