Paramhamsa Satyananda founded the Bihar School of Yoga in India, in the year 1963, for teaching Satyananda Yoga.

Bihar School of Yoga

Bihar School of Yoga
Bihar School of Yoga
Bihar School of Yoga was founded by Paramhamsa Satyananda, in India, in the year 1963. A charitable and educational institution, Satyananda Yoga School is situated in the state of Bihar, at a place called Munger/ Monghyr. The original school, started by Paramhamsa in 1963, is known as Sivanandashram. While, the new one established in 1985, is known as Ganga Darshan. Later, in 1995, Swami Niranjanananda established the Bihar Yoga Bharati, the academic wing of the Bihar School of Yoga.

The Mission
Bihar School of Yoga aims at educating people throughout the world about the practice of Yoga as well as to remove the various false impressions about Yoga. As per this school, yoga does not merely relate to physical or mental aspects, rather, it is the holistic yoga that is more important. Along with the physical, mental and spiritual aspects, holistic Yoga also emphasizes the lifestyle aspect. The development of a balanced personality is the ultimate aim of holistic yoga. It attempts at creating synchronization between body, mind and spirit.

Paramhamsa Satyananda
Paramhamsa Satyananda was born in Almora town, near the Nainital hill station in the year 1923. In his teenage years, a wandering Yogini introduced him to a Tantric form of yoga. At the young age of 19, he met his guru Swami Sivananda at Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh. In the year 1963, after Swami Sivananda passed away, Paramhamsa established the Bihar School of Yoga.

Satyananda Yoga
The form of yoga that is taught at the Bihar School of Yoga in India is known as the Satyananda Yoga. Developed by Paramhamsa Satyananda, the yoga uses a combination of the traditional practices to ensure the holistic development of an individual. For example, asanas (postures) are used to create a balanced between the body and mind. Pranayama (breathing practices) infuse energy into an individual and meditation to calms the mind as well as strengthens concentration.

Techniques of Satyananda Yoga
Satyananda Yoga makes use of the following aspects of yoga…
The Courses
Sivanandashram offers short-term courses like yogic sadhana, yogic health management, yogic stress management and a number of specialized courses. Ganga Darshan offers sanyas and yoga training. The yogic techniques taught here are a combination of Tantra, Vedanta and Yoga and also incorporate the present methodologies of physical and mental health.

Use of Gurukul system and Karma Yoga
Satyananda Yoga School of Bihar is based on the Gurukul system, which was prevalent in the ancient India. The students of the school live with their Gurus (teachers) and acquire knowledge. The adherence to the principles of Karma Yoga is also a unique feature of the Satyananda Yoga School of India. Karma Yoga aims at self-realization or communion with god, through the performance of their karma (work).

Swami Niranjanananda
Paramhamsa Satyananda moved away from the main stage to a life of asceticism, in 1988. In his place, he appointed his closest disciple, Swami Niranjanananda. One of the youngest gurus in India, Niranjanananda performs the administrative and spiritual duties at the ashram.

Bihar Yoga Bharati
Bihar Yoga Bharati is the academic wing of the Bihar School of Yoga. Swami Niranjanananda founded the wing on 8th September 1995, the 108th birth anniversary of Swami Sivananda. Affiliated to University of Bhagalpur, Bihar Yoga Bharati is the first government-accredited university of the world, which is totally devoted to the education of yoga.

Courses by Bihar Yoga Bharati
How to Reach

By Air
Patna airport is the nearest to Munger. It has regular flights to all the key cities in India.

By Rail
The Munger railway station is well connected with the capital city of Patna.

By Road
One can easily reach Munger from Patna, by bus or by a taxi.