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A.M. Naik is the Chairman and Managing Director of Larsen & Turbo, India's biggest engineering giant. Read through his biography to know more about his profile.

A.M. Naik

Born On: June 3, 1942
Born In: Endhal, Gujarat
Career: Chairman and Managing Director of Larsen and Turbo

The Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of India's biggest engineering and construction conglomerate, Anil Manibhai Naik, is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in India. Ever since he took charge of Larsen & Turbo, he has fought many battles to take the company to the top. He made L&T a global leader through sheer hard work and through what he calls 'devotion beyond dedication'. He was the first professional to head the company and led it through its most unstable times. Under his dynamic leadership, the company recorded its most robust performance. In a long career spanning around forty-five years, Anil took just a day off. Now isn't this fact a testimony to his achievements? It sure is!

Early Life
A.M. Naik was born into a family of teachers in June 3, 1942 in Endhal in Southern Gujarat. His father was a teacher and also a strict Gandhian. Naik received his early education in Navsari. He finished a degree in mechanical engineering from the prestigious Birla Viswakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College in VV Nagar in Anand.

In 1965, Anil. M. Naik joined Larsen & Turbo as a junior engineer and became the youngest manager in the history of the organisation. In 1985, he was made the 'General Manager' as he rose quickly through the ranks. In 1989, he took over as the Vice-President of the organisation and became the member of the Director Board. Anil M. Naik's broader perspective enabled the company to expand its horizons beyond domestic borders and reach a position which enabled it to become a global player. He restructured the company into several operating divisions and focused on improving shareholder value. The emphasis on HR and IT as twin engines of growth yielded the organization fruitful results. In 1995, Anil became the President of L&T and in 1999, took over as the 'Chief Executive Officer' and the Managing Director. In 2003, he became the Chairman and Managing Director of the organisation.

In the early nineties, Anil M. Naik came up with the idea of manufacturing engineering equipments which saw the organization treading down the manufacturing path. It began manufacturing plastic machinery, tire machinery and custom engineering products. This enabled L&T to achieve major success in the indigenization of technology and in the technology and nuclear sectors. This paid rich dividends and the turnover of the company grew fifty times in eight years. This happened when Anil M. Naik took over as the Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership, the company expanded its horizons in the IT sector and made huge profits. Anil.M. Naik has involved himself in many social activities and is currently into the development of an educational institution set up by his father in Navsari in Gujarat. He is also associated with several educational and charitable institutions that help support the rural population of India. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Indian Business Trust for HIV/AIDS.

As soon as he took over as the CEO of L &T, he came up with a 90 days action plan. He brought back a merit system to attract the younger generation to the company. According to him, the best way to attract young engineers to an organization was to change the way of rewarding them. Anil Manibhai Naik was also instrumental in leading the organization through a manufacturing path which helped raise the turnover of the company fifty times over in around eight years.

Anil Manibhai Naik is an inspirational entrepreneur since he dedicated half of his life to make his organisation, the biggest engineering giant in India and one of the largest in the world.

Awards And Accolades

1942 - Born in Endhal in Southern Gujarat.
1965 - Joins Larsen & Turbo as a junior engineer.
1985 - Is appointed as the General Manager of L & T.
1989 - Took over as the vice-president of the organization and became member of the director board.
1995 - Becomes the President of L&T
1999 - Takes over as the Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director.
2003 - Was appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of the organisation.