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If you have the taste for spicy Indian food, then Pune is your ultimate food station. With a wide variety of finest cuisines, Pune food is something to be relished and remembered.

Pune Food

Your trip is incomplete without basking in the delight of delicious specialties of the region. Pune apparently has loads of eateries and a food joint that promises to make your hungry stomach happy. Pune being the cultural capital of Maharashtra, the city is quite famous for its traditional as well contemporary cuisines. From local treats to popular international cuisines, the city’s menu comprises of colorful list of spicy, zesty, authentic fare. With a staggering number of food joints located throughout the city, you can suit yourself to any eatery that satiates your starving tummy and fits your pocket too. From spicy North Indian to appealing South Indian to zesty Chinese and yummy Italian, Pune attracts you with its exciting variety of food. From Friday night dinner to Sunday brunches, the city has everything to impress the gormandizer in you. To get away from the tedious weeklong work, hop on to any of the noted restaurants in the city and feast your heart out. Go ahead with the article to explore the food in Pune and its innumerable eateries.

Pune Food Guide

Maharashtrian Cuisine
Your Pune experience is incomplete without savoring the authentic Maharashtrian meal. Maharashtra is famous for its wide variety of luscious food, ranging from mild to zesty and its eclectic mix of coastal and central plateau cuisines. Although Maharashtrian food is yet to find its way into the five-star kitchens, it nevertheless enjoys quite a huge fan following. From tongue-tickling curries to delectable seafood, the local cuisine of Pune makes for a finger licking fare. The most popular seafood of the state- bombil or the Bombay duck attracts visitors with its exceptional taste. Apart from the seafood, the traditional meal usually served in thali consists of salad, vegetable curries, dal, roti, rice, curds, papad and vadas. If you want to enjoy the tasty Maharashtrian thali, then Shabree at F.C. Road is the place for you. With its simple, tasty and healthy food, the restaurant offers you the taste of homemade food. Hotel Atithi at Deccan Gymkhana is another place to savor the tasty foods at reasonable rates. Mystic Masala at Hotel Taj Blue Diamond and Durvankur at Tilak Road are other noted restaurants of the city.

Indian Cuisine
Like other Indian cities, Pune is also popular for its delicacies from other regions. From typical North Indian dishes to the mild South Indian ones, the city is the home for varieties. The traditional North Indian meal usually consists of chapattis or parathas, rice, dal, fried vegetables curries and pickles. For desert, you can choose from a wide array of items such as sandesh, gulab-jamuns, rasmalai, rasagulla, kheer, kulfi and more. If you are interested in non-greasy and healthy South Indian food then there are number of restaurants to help you out. The south specialties, such as crispy dosas, idli, vada and sambar are quiet popular in entire country. The deserts such as ‘Mysore Pak’ and ‘Payasam’ are renowned for their yummy sweet taste. Sigree Restaurant at Dhole Patil Road, Nawab Restaurant at Bund Garden Road, Ram Krishna Restaurant at Camp and Roopali Restaurant at F. C. Road are some of the noted Indian restaurants in the city.

Multi Cuisine
Pune, being the city of food lovers, there are number of restaurants that serve yummy delicacies from all around the world. Italian, French, Spanish, Continental and variety of other cuisines welcome foodies with their authentic taste and aroma. Some of the star hotels like Aurora Tower, Sun and Sand, Le Meridien and Taj Blue Diamond offer amazing food with amazing service. Apart from the luxurious hotels, there are other food joints noted for their rich food. Among them, the Arthur’s Theme at Koregaon Park is famous for healthy and tasty food. Some of the other noted multi cuisine restaurants of the city are Mainland China at Dhole Patil Road, Toscana Restaurant at Kalyaninagar and La Pizzeria at Bund Garden Road.