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In this article, explore about all the travel information related to the city of Pondicherry in the southern part of India.


Location: 162 km south of Chennai on the Coromandel Coast
380 C (Maximum), 240 C (Minimum)
Winters: 300 C (Maximum), 240 C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: July to February
Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport
Nearest Railhead: Villupuram Junction
Must Visits: Aurobindo Ashram, Chunnambar, Kancheepuram, Auroville, Beaches of Pondicherry
Language Spoken: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English, French
STD Code: 0413

Puducherry, commonly known as Pondicherry, is one of the union territories of India, offering magnificent French flavors. The city boasts of tremendous scenic beauty, portrayed by mesmerizing and impressive beaches. The territory was a French colony in early times and was renamed from Pondicherry to Puducherry in 2006, which is a Tamil word meaning "New Village". It constitutes of four tiny unconnected districts. While Karaikal and Yanam are present on the coast of Bay of Bengal, Mahe lies along the Arabian Sea. The territory covers an area of 293 square kilometers. Amazingly, the entire Puducherry is divided into two parts: the French quarters and the Indian quarters. For the same reason, French style colonial compounds and walls are a common tourist attraction here. The city offers excellent sites for soothing yoga and peaceful meditation.

The history of Puducherry dates back to the 2nd century. Erythraean Sea's Periplus referred a marketplace called Poduke which was later identified as Arikamedu by G.W.B. Huntingford, a land present about 2 miles away from the modern Pondicherry. Huntingford also discovered roman pottery found here in 1937. In an archeological excavation that took place between 1944 and 1949 suggested that Arikamedu was once a trading center that exported roman manufactured goods in the beginning of 1st century A.D. Portuguese, in the early 16th century, announced their supremacy on this beautiful land and ruled for few years, followed by the Dutch and the French. Under the French rule, the city encountered some battles between the French and British for dominance. Both the countries agreed on an agreement with Pondicherry being passed back to the French but in 1954, French retained the city back to India. The French ruled for almost 281 years, which is depicted through several mansions and boulevards, exuding glimpses of French taste.

The small territory of Puducherry is also known as 'Quintessence of French Culture', 'India's Little France', and 'The French Riviera of the East'. The dazzling beauty of this amazing land makes it a great tourist destination. The famous places which are a must-explore include Aurobindo Ashram, Chunnambar boat House, Auroville, Karaikal, Botanical Garden, and Puducherry Beach. There are various interesting markets available for shopaholics. The goods are available at cheaper rates and offer a good bargain. The city has a number of hotels and resorts providing a relaxed and comfortable stay. The amazingly marvelous beauty of the town can be explored through sunset cruises. The city satisfies needs of each and soothes the minds with its peaceful and serene aura.

Best Time To Visit Pondicherry
Are you fed up of the hustle and bustle of your daily life? Then take a break from your mundane existence and enjoy a holiday in the midst of calm and serene beaches in Pondicherry. The exotic blend of French colonial heritage, spiritual institutions, traditional culture

History Of Pondicherry
Known as the 'French Riviera of the East', Pondicherry history has a mix of both Hindu kingdoms and European rule. If you think that the French were the first European connection to have linked with the city, then know that this is not the case. The history of Pondicherry takes you back

How To Reach Pondicherry
The first thing that often comes to one's mind when you mention the city Pondicherry is a small fishing town situated down south in the country's map. Renowned for its beautiful French-styled bungalows, tranquil and languid beachfront resorts,

Places To Visit In Pondicherry
The very mention of Pondicherry is enough to fill your minds with vivid images of French colonial buildings, mouth-watering seafood, endless beaches and wonderful monuments. This sleepy little town, famous for its long-lasting affair with French, is a paradise for the shoppers.

Shopping In Pondicherry
Pondicherry, with its rich French connection and heritage, continues to beckon tourists with its intriguing features such as historical monuments, gardens, old colonial buildings, neat roads and more. Pondicherry, fondly known as Pondy,