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Explore some significant travel facts about this naturally blesses city, Dehradun while you read on the article given below.


Location: Dehradun District, Uttarakhand
Summers: 370C (Maximum), 160C (Minimum)
Winters: 240C (Maximum), 60C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: March-April and October-November
Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport
Nearest Railhead: Dehradun Railway Station
Must Visits: Robber's Cave, Tapovan, the Malsi Deer Park, Kalsi, Paltan Bazar and Rajaji National Park
Language Spoken: Hindu, Garhwali, Urdu and English.
STD Code: 0135

Dehradun is a sparkling city, nestled in the foothills of Himalayan range in the North and Shivalik range in South. This city is the provisional capital of the newly formed Indian state of Uttarakhand. Dehradun comes under the administrative district of Dehradun. Headquarter of the same is also located in the city. It is spread over an area of 300 square kilometers and sited at an elevation of 450 m above the sea level. This location makes the climate a pleasant one almost all throughout the year with mild summers and cool winters and an annual rainfall of 2073 mm. Normally, people visit this beautiful place round the year but the ideal time to visit the city is the during the months of March-April (spring season) and October-November (post monsoon). This city is an important stop over for many important and religious cities around like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Roorkee, Muzaffarnagar, Mussoorie, Yamunanagar and Ambala, is thus visited by lots of people daily.

Dehradun is basically located in the Doon (Dun) valley and is believed to be one of the oldest cities of India. According to some popular legends, in ancient India during the Mahabharata epic era, Dronacharya (the great teacher of Kauravas and Pandavas) lived here and that is why this place is also referred to as "Drona Nagri" or "Abode of Drona". However some believe that the present town was founded by Guru Ram Rai in the early eighteenth century. Thus, the city name refers to his Dera (camp) or settlement in the Doon valley and makes as Dehra Doon (Dehradun). In Skanda Purana, Dun is mentioned as a part of the region called Kedar Khand, the abode of Shiva. To be precise, this city was occupied by many rulers like Sikhs, Mughals and Gorkhas and then finally came under the rule of British who established many elite education institutions in the city. And due to that, the city is often referred to as 'Eton of India'.

River Ganga and River Yamuna flow through the two sides of the doon valley, making the region extremely fertile. Dehradun is famous for its "Dehradooni basmati rice", bakery products and juicy lychees. Tapkeshwar, Robbers' Cave, Tapovan, The Malsi Deer Park, The Forest Research Institute, Kalsi, Sahastradhara, The Yamuna Hydel Scheme Dakpathar, Lakshman Siddh, Clock Tower, Rajaji National Park, Ram Rai Darbar and Sai Darbar Temple are some of the places that you should surely explore whilst in the region. Though the mall culture is getting famous in this city as well, local markets like Paltan Bazar and Moti Bazar have not lost their charm entirely and are shopper's paradises till date. Next time you plan a vacation, make sure you include Dehradun in your itinerary.

Best Time To Visit Dehradun
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History Of Dehradun
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Places To Visit In Dehradun
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Shopping In Dehradun
Tucked away in the city of Uttaranchal, Dehradun is not just a good place for sightseeing but can also be said to be every shopper's heaven. The small stores and bustling markets have plethora of priceless souvenirs that cannot be found