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Inhibited fun, unlimited parties and endless music, Pune is the perfect hangout for party freaks. So put your party shoes on and get ready to explore Pune nightlife.

Nightlife In Pune

Pune, the cultural bastion of Maharashtra, has more to claim than just being the toter of history. Known for its architectural marvels and picturesque milieu, the city of Pune is a living culture, where strong ethnic roots interweave with polished modern outlook. Apart from its cultural and hi-tech grandeur, Pune boasts of a throbbing nightlife, which is specked with evergreen cosmopolitan culture and vibrant colors of the fashion world. The eclectic influence of conservative and contemporary culture is clearly reflected in the nightlife of the city. Being the venue for some of the national and internationally renowned nightlife destinations, the city’s vibrant nights are filled with late night parties and live performances. With wide number of discotheques, pubs and bars, the nightlife in Pune drags visitors with its exciting music, rich food, action-packed dance floors and exotic drinks. Explore the article to get a clear reflection of city’s hip hop and happening nightlife.

Exotic Pune Nightlife

Pune, the emerging cosmopolitan city of the country dons an exciting new garb as the night rolls on. With a string of happening nightclubs to its name, Pune attracts huge number of night crowds with its foot tapping music, dazzling dance floors, mind-blowing concoctions and cuisines from all around the world. With a cozy ambience and lovely atmosphere, nightclubs in Pune remain jampacked until the wee hours of the morning. Ten Downing Street in Dhole Pati is one of the popular nightclubs of the city, which attracts people from all age groups. Club Polaris at Taj Blue Diamond Hotel is another real venue for jovial nightlife. Some of the other noted nightclubs of the city are Scream’ at Hotel Le Meridian, Polaris at Koregaon Park Road and Area 5 at Pancard Clubs in Baner.

Bars And Pubs
Of all the renowned nightlife hotspots in the city, the bars and pubs are the most frequently throbbed destinations. People prefer to unwind in these bars and pubs after a weeklong hectic schedule. The ambience of these booze bars, with soft lights and royal lounges, attract youngsters in large crowds. Adding to the glitz and glamour of this place are its fine drinks and jovial music that ranges from hip-hop, jazz, rock and popular desi numbers. In some bars and pubs, popular DJs and artists perform on special nights. On your visit to the city, enjoy a sip of your favorite drink while enjoying soothing music in the background. High Spirits in Koregaon Park is one such place where you can enjoy your night with the high spirit of good food, royal drink and pleasant ambience. Apache at F.C. Road and 1000 Oaks Pub East Street in the Volga Chowk camp area are some of the noted places to spend your colorful night.

With its dazzling appeal, discotheques in Pune have the power to mesmerize you with its electrifying ambience and non-stop boogie. Whether you know to dance or not, the charged atmosphere and rocking music pulls you to the dance floor and get you jiving to its tunes. People coming here enjoy the night by shaking their legs to the peppy numbers and by experiencing a night charged with fun and excitement. Some of the popular discotheques of the city are Crystal Ball at M.G. Road, Cyclone above Fulora Restaurant in Market Yard, Havana at Kamala Arcade in J.M. Road and Scream at Hotel Le Meridien in Raja Bahadur Mill Road.