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Location: Khurda District, Orissa
450 C (Maximum), 300 C (Minimum)
Winters: 280 C (Maximum), 170 C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: October to Mid-March
Nearest Airport: Biju Patnaik Airport
Nearest Railhead: Bhubaneswar Railway Station
Must Visits: Lingaraj Temple, Lakshmanesvara Temple, Parasuramesvara Temple, Khandagiri & Udayagiri, Dhauli Giri, Cactus Garden, IG Park
Language Spoken: Hindi, Oriya & English
STD Code: 0674

Bhubaneswar is one of the ancient cities of India, located in the Eastern part of India and on the south-west of the Mahanadi River. This city is the capital of Indian state of Orissa (also known as Odisha). It features more than 600 Hindu temples, exhibiting the continuum of ancient Kalinga Architecture. This explains as to why it is often referred to as Temple City of India, Temple Town or Cathedral City of India. Bhubaneshwar is sited at an altitude of 45 m above the sea level. It has a tropical wet and dry climate with extremely hot and wet summers (April to May), cool winters (October to March). The place receives an annual rainfall of 1540 mm. October to mid-March poses as the best time to visit this city of temples. Along with Puri and Konark, Bhubaneshwar forms the "Swarna Tribhuja" (the Golden Temple Triangle) of Eastern India and is thus, visited by thousands of visitors daily.

This ancient city has witnessed many dynasties, empires and historical events in its magnificent history of 2000 years, beginning from 2nd century BCE (Chedi Dynasty). Thus, it has been known by different names such as Toshali, Kalinga Nagari, Nagar Kalinga, Ekamra Kanan, Ekamra Khetra, all throughout. One of the most historic and crucial events, the Kalinga War occurred here in 261 BC, by The Great Ashok. The main history of Bhubaneswar can be divided into two phases, ancient city history (since 2000 years) and modern city history. The modern city of Bhubaneshwar was designed by a German architect, Otto Konigsberger, in the year 1946. It was then that the city was formally launched as the capital of Orissa on April 13, 1948. Today, it is the largest, cleanest and greenest city of Orissa and also a prominent economic and religious centre of the nearby region. Bhubaneshwar has an effective transport system which makes it easily accessible by all modes of transport including railways, roadways and airways.

Bhubaneswar is named after Hindu God, Lord Shiva, who is also known as 'Tribuhuvaneswara' which literally means the 'Lord of Three Worlds'. Other than Hindus, this city is a significant pilgrimage centre for Buddhists and Jainis as well. The most famous ancient temples of Bhubaneswar are Lingaraj Temple, Lakshmanesvara Temples, Parasuramesvara Temple, Svarnajalesvra Temple, Muktesvara Temple, Rajarani Temple, Vaital Temple, Brhamesvara temple, Meghesvara temple, Vaskaresvara Temple, Ananta Vasudeva Temple, Sari Temple, Kapilesvara Temple, Markandesvara Temple, Yamesvara Temple, Chitrakarini Temple and Sisiresvara Temple. Some of the other tourist places that you should not miss to visit, whilst in Bhubaneswar, are Khandagiri & Udayagiri (Jain Heritage), Dhauli Giri (Buddhist Heritage), Cactus Garden, IG Park, Orissa State Museum, Handicrafts Museum and Tribal Museum.

Best Time To Visit Bhubaneswar
Wish to explore the historical relics, architectural brilliance, religious sanctums and the scenic seascape of Orissa? If yes, then rush to the capital city of Orissa, Bhubaneswar and experience the spectacular culture of the land.

History Of Bhubaneswar
The history of Bhubaneswar exudes art, life and beliefs of different ancient civilizations that existed within the region, which explains why the city has been forever of enormous interest to the historians, epigraphists and archaeologists alike.

How To Reach Bhubaneswar
Sobriqueted as the 'Temple City of India', the ancient city of Bhubaneswar has managed to retain much of its antediluvian charm, thanks to the people here who have successfully upheld this cradle of culture with great aplomb.

Places To Visit In Bhubaneswar
This vacation, give the beaches and the hills a skip and spend a few days in the 'city of high spires', Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Orissa. With an interminable history of almost 2000 years, Bhubaneswar

Shopping In Bhubaneswar
Apart from its temples and copious historical attractions, Bhubaneswar is wadded with myriad shopping destinations and marketplaces that sells almost everything, right from local crafts to swanky souvenirs to interesting