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Gandhinagar is a must see tourist destination in Gujarat. With this section, explore its various travel and tourism facts.


Location: Gandhinagar District, Gujarat.
420 C (Maximum), 190 C (Minimum)
Winters: 290 C (Maximum), 140 C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: October to March.
Nearest Airport: Ahmedabad Airport (31 km)
Nearest Railhead: Ahmedabad Railway Station
Must Visits: Akshardham Temple, the Capital Complex, Adalaj Ni Vav, Sarita Udyan, Deer Park (Indroda Park) and Punit Van.
Language Spoken: Gujarati, Hindi and English.
STD Code: 079

Gandhinagar is the capital city of the Indian state of Gujarat. This city is a very important and popular city in the western part of India. Gandhinagar is often referred to as Ecopolite city or Cosmopolite city, due to its serene environment and lavish infrastructure. Gujarat's new capital city, Gandhinagar lies on the western bank of River Sabarmati and is just 30km away from Ahmedabad. This ecopolite city is spread over an area of 117 square kilometers and is sited on an altitude of 81 m above the average sea level. Thus, the city experiences a typical climate with hot and dry summers (March to June), mild cold winters (November to February) and enjoyable monsoons (mid-June to mid-September) with an average rainfall of 803 mm annually. However, the best time to visit this city is from October to March.

Gandhinagar has been named after Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation This was basically done to pay an ode to the great leader, for Gujarat was the hometown of Gandhi. The history of Gandhinagar can be traced back to the 13th century, when this region (Shertha town) was under the rule of King Pethasinh of Pethapur. After his death, this land was used as a battleground by the Sultanate of Patan. Later, Sultan Ahmed Shah shifted his capital to newly built city, Ahmedabad. After Indian independence, in the year 1960, the Bombay State got partitioned into two namely, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Consequently, Bombay went to Maharashtra. So, there emerged a need to make a new capital city for Gujarat. It was, then, that this superb city came into existence whose infrastructure was planned by two Indian planners, namely H.K. Mewada and Prakash Apte.

Gandhinagar ranks as the second planned city of India after Chandigarh. This city has an effective transport system and industrial infrastructure. The city is very well allied by road (National Highway No. 8A) to Surat, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport and Ahmedabad Station are the nearest airport and railway depot respectively. Gandhinagar represent itself as a spacious, regimented and architecturally incorporated city of India. Apart from being an industrial hub and exclusive greenery, this city is also an important landmark in Gujarat tourism. Some important tourist destinations in the city are Akshardham Temple, the Capital Complex, Adalaj Ni Vav (ancient step well built by Queen Rudabai), Children's Park, Sarita Udyan, Deer Park (Indroda Park), Punit Van (Botanical Garden depending on Zodiac signs and an Amphitheater) and the Craftsmen's Village at Pethapur.

Best Time To Visit Gandhinagar
Lying on the banks of the River Sabarmati is an evergreen city called Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. Clumped with hotspots like Deer Park, Akshardham Temple and Punit Van, a one-of-its-kind of a botanical theater,

How To Reach Gandhinagar
Gandhinagar, the proud capital of Gujarat, is fast turning out to become a tourist hotspot in India. Thanks to its sprawling greens and attractions like Capital Complex, Sarita Udyan, Akshardham Temple, and Children's Park,

Places To See In Gandhinagar
To many of us Gandhinagar is known as Mahatma Gandhi's birthplace, which has very recently emerged as an important industrial hub in the state of Gujarat. Apart from the large population of business tourist that visits the city,