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Celebrated history, contemporary culture and rewarding climate makes Pune one of the major tourist hotspots in India. Read the article to know more about the ideal time to visit Pune.

Best Time To Visit Pune

The glorious historical past and the interesting mish-mash of the old and new tradition is what make Pune the cultural capital of Maharashtra and the �Queen� of Deccan. With scores of opportunities for both technically inclined and fun loving people, the city is admired for its endearing charm and unique characteristics. Apart from its rich culture and contemporary lifestyle, Pune is the land of several educational institutions and research centers. Apart from this, the city of Pune impresses the visitors with its distinctive architecture and subtle contemporary charm. Touted as the cultural hub of the country, Pune hosts a wide variety of interesting and vibrant events all throughout the year. With interesting cuisines, awesome shopping destinations and rocking nightlife, a visit to Pune promises to be a fun-filled affair. Adding to the glorious architecture and amazing recreational facilities is the pleasing climate of the city. Explore the article to know about the best time to visit the city and plan your trip accordingly.

Ideal Time To Visit Pune

Perched on the Western Ghats of India, Pune is blessed with an agreeable climate. Like most other Indian nations, Pune too enjoys three seasons - summer, winter and monsoon. The summer season, which extends from March to June, results in hotter days and warm evenings with the average temperature ranging between 22� C to 38� C. The drenching monsoon from July to September provides a welcoming break from the simmering hot months. With the temperature ranging between 20� C to 32� C, the monsoon of Pune records average annual rainfall of 70 cm. The last and the most loveable season of the city, however, is the cool and tranquil winter. During chilling days of the season, Pune enjoys the pleasant temperature that ranges between 14� C to 28� C.

Best Time To Visit
With a pleasant weather to boast of, a trip to Pune can be made at any time of the year. Though the temperature here is agreeable enough, most people prefer to flock Pune during the winter months of October to February. Especially during the months of November and December, the whole city dresses up to the tones of Christmas and New Year celebrations. If you happen to be in Pune during the later months of the year, then you are likely to be beguiled by the splashing colors, rocking music and warm parties. However, if you wish to experience the cultural side of Pune, then September is the month to witness the real zeal of the Maharashtrians with Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations on the fore.

Things To Do In Pune
Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, offers a wide variety of options to please its visitors. Starting from the historical monuments to the lush green gardens, there are infinite things to do in the Pune, which makes it a popular destination among the tourists. Apart from temples, museums and other landscapes, shopping in Pune is one of the most preferred options for the tourists. With the bunch of happening shopping areas and striking malls, you can literally shop for anything here. After a long shopping, filling your stomach with yummy delicacies is very essential. Pune boasts of a host of eateries that offers everything from Chinese to Indian to Continental and more. If are the one who is interested in the glitz and glamour of the night, then the nightclubs, pubs and bars will help you to experience the youthful life of the city.