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Is this your first trip to Pune? If yes, read through this write-up to know more on the different ways to reach Pune.

How To Reach Pune

Pune was an important centre right from the days of the Maratha Empire and still continues to be a flourishing trading hub. Located in the state of Maharashtra the city was founded by the emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji who contributed much of his time towards the growth of Pune. The city remained as a significant military centre and monsoon capital to the British Raj. Pune has housed many monuments and historical structures that not only hold great bearing on Indian history, but also on the tourism industry. Today, the scene in Pune has completely undergone a radical change from being a small agricultural town to a thriving industrial economy. The city has many manufacturing units such as sugar, automobile, glass, forging and information technology. Besides this, Pune also has many educational institutions that have become very important learning destinations among students from all over India. Due the above reasons Pune has seen an increasing number of migrants comprising of both (job seekers and undergraduates) and global travelers. With the growth and expansion of the city, Pune also has a well developed transport infrastructure that connects it with other major metropolitan cities in India. Read through the sections that follow to know more about the different ways to commute to Pune.

Traveling To Reach Pune

By Road
If you choose to travel by road, then set your worries aside. Pune is well connected by a few national highways such as the NH4 that connects this city with other major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolhapur. If you are arriving from Hyderabad then take the NH 9, and as for people travelling form Nashik or Mumbai then take the NH 50 route. Pune also has a good internal public transport system within the city limits and in the outskirts. There are numerous taxis and buses that take you to the city at a reasonable price as well.

By Air
If you prefer to save time and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on your journey to Pune then travelling by plane is the best alternative means to reach the city. The metropolitan’s international airport is located at Lohegaon and is managed by the Indian airport authorities. This airport has both domestic and international carriers with separate terminals actively functioning. There are more than a few domestic air-carriers that connect Pune with other cities, while international aircrafts such as Air India Express and Lufthansa have daily flights to Dubai and Frankfurt and other global destinations as well. The government has planned to build a large international airport in and around Chandus and Shiroli which is 40 km from the heart of the city.

By Rail
It is a known piece of information that the Indian railway is India’s most preferred mode of transport. The railways connect Pune to different metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore and many more Indian cities. There are several express trains that frequently ply to all these cities from and therefore it is not very difficult to get to Pune by train. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to book your tickets in advance in order to confirm a reserve a seat and avoid last minute glitches. Besides this, the government is also commissioning the construction of a local metro rail project within city limits. Pune’s metro rail is an initiative to promote better transportation facilities that will greatly reduce the traffic within the city.