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Find out various interesting facts about the climate, location and tourism about the beautiful city of palaces, Mysore.


Location: Mysore District, Karnataka
350 C (Maximum), 200 C (Minimum)
Winters: 280 C (Maximum), 140 C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: October to March
Nearest Airport: Mysore Airport
Nearest Railhead: Mysore Junction
Must Visits: Mysore Palace, Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills, St. Philomenas Church, Mysore Zoo
Language Spoken: Kannada, English, Tamil, Hindi
STD Code: 0821

Popularly known as 'City of Palaces', Mysore is the second largest city of Karnataka. It is ranked as the second cleanest city of India and also quite famous for its rich heritage, sacred temples and splendid palaces. The city is situated at the foot of Chamundi Hills and spread over an area of 37 sq km. Kannada is the common language spoken in the region, while English and Tamil is also understood by majority of people. Mysore is located at an altitude of 770 meters and don't have extreme climatic conditions. Summers are usually warm and winters are cool. The best time to visit Mysore is between October and March.

Mysore has both mythological and recorded history for its reference. Based on Hindu Mythology, it is believed that Mysore was earlier known as Mahishapuram. It was ruled by a demon named Mahishasura, who was killed by Goddess Chamundeshwari on Chamundi Hills. Mysore was ruled by Wodeyar dynasty since 14th century, except a brief period of 40 years in 18th century. For this small but important time period, Mysore was the center of political turbulence under the rule of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan. Mysore remained the capital of Mysore Kingdom for a long time and also was the cultural capital of Karnataka. Tourism has been a major industry in Mysore. In the recent years, the city is also the second largest software exporter in the state, after Bangalore.

Mysore lends its name to the Mysore mallige, the Mysore style of painting, the sweet dish Mysore Pak, the Mysore Peta (a traditional silk turban) and famous saree, Mysore silk. Mysore has numerous tourist attractions that attract around 2 to 3 million tourists every year. The main attractions include Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills, St. Philomenas Church, Mysore Zoo and many others. The city also has an impressive list of magnificent palaces which include Mysore Palace, Lalit Mahal Palace, Jagmohan Palace and Art Gallery and Jayalakshmivilas Mansion. Mysore Palace is famous for its intricately carved rosewood doors, marble figurines and ivory works. Chamundeshwari temple is an important Hindu temple situated at Chamundi hills. A huge Nandi statue on the hills is also quite famous.

Mysore Zoo, established in 1892, is one of the oldest zoos in the world. The zoo is home to various species of Indian Bengal Tigers, white tigers, elephants, giraffe, African rhino and many other animals. Mysore also houses some of the esteemed museums, a few noteworthy ones being National Museum in Natural History, Folk Art Museum, Rail Museum and Melody World. Apart from these local attractions, there are many tourist attractions in nearby locations of Mysore. Bandipur National Park is 80 km away from Mysore. Srirangpattnam, Ranganathittu and Somnathpur are few other tourist places that are worth a visit. If you are planning to visit this magnificent city, please book your tickets during the Dussehra, a ten-day long festival celebrated with great pomp and show. Music, dance, literary competitions, fairs and exhibitions are part of this age old festival.

Best Time To Visit Mysore
Steeped in centuries old history, culture, and traditions, Mysore remains an unexplored destination for many despite being a tourist hotspot in Karnataka. Mysore has certain uniqueness that stands apart from the rest of the cities in the state.

History Of Mysore
Most of us are aware of the beautiful culture and traditions of the Wodeyar family, but few of us know of its valiant past. The history of Mysore goes back to the year 1399 when the province was a part of the famous Vijayanagara Empire.

How To Reach Mysore
The abode of untold magnificence and royal glory open heartedly welcomes tourists not only from India but also around the world. As you walk through the streets of Mysore, the natural charms and regal heritage takes you to the era of great rulers

Places To Visit In Mysore
Popularly known as the 'Sandalwood City of India', Mysore presents a wide list of attractions that captivates the attention of global tourists. Being the cultural epitome of Karnataka, Mysore is surely a stopover destination on your trip to South India.

Shopping In Mysore
Snuggled within Karnataka, Mysore is abuzz with magnificent structures, heritage buildings, sacred shrines, majestic palaces, and not to forget, some great shopping spots. Every lane of Mysore carries a scent of old charm and impeccable