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Kanpur is an important city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Read on to get detailed information about Kanpur.


Location: Uttar Pradesh, India
430 C (Maximum), 300 C (Minimum)
Winters: 150 C (Maximum), 30 C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: October to March
Nearest Airport: Kanpur Airport
Nearest Railhead: Kanpur Central
Must Visits: Shri Radhe Krishna Temple, Allen Forest Zoo, Kanpur Memorial Church, Jajmau, Jain Glass temple, and many more
Language Spoken: Hindi, English, Avadhi, Urdu
STD Code: 0512

Kanpur, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is a major industrial and commercial center of India with a GDP of 17 billion dollars that makes Kanpur rank amongst the top 10 industrial cities in India. Situated on the banks of holy Ganges and spread over an area of 1642 square kilometers, it is the 5th largest city in India and the largest in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It hosts a climate similar to that of national capital Delhi, with long and hot summers and short and mild winters. It is also the largest Hindi speaking belt, after Delhi. Also known as the Leather city of the world and the Economic Capital of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur, is also home to some of the finest educational institutes of India like IIT-Kanpur, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, University Institute of Engineering and Technology, GSVM Medical College and many more. Although a fast growing economy, its historical importance has not been overshadowed by this and makes for an attractive tourist destination.

Kanpur is believed to have been founded by King Hindu Singh of the state of Sachendi and its name is believed to have been derived from Kanhiyapur, which later formed into Kanhapur and ultimately Kanpur; later abbreviated to "Cawnpore" under the British Raj. It was only in 18th century that Kanpur's fortunes took a turn when after defeating Shuja-ud-daula (Nawab Wazir of Avadh), Britishers finally realized the strategic importance of the city. Over the course of time, it was established by the European businessmen. Soon after, the Local Awadh Forces had been shifted here for the protection of these businessmen. In 1801, it was passed over to the British under a treaty with Nawab Saadat Ali Khan, soon after which it became one of the most important military stations for the British and was declared a district in the year 1803. Later in 1857, Kanpur came into light with the advent of India's first war of independence.

The city is well linked to roadways, connecting it to all major cities of India through National Highway 2 and 25. Kanpur Central and Kanpur Airport is the nearest train station and airport respectively. Kanpur hosts historically and religiously rich tourists' attractions like The Kanpur Memorial Church that was built in 1875 in the memory of British soldiers who lost their lives in India's first war of independence in 1857; the mound of Jajmau where antiquities dating back to 600 BC have been discovered; Shri Radhe Krishna Temple that boasts of a unique mix of ancient and modern architecture and 5 shrines dedicated to 5 different deities; Jain Glass temple that is decorated with glass and enamel work; Allen Forest Zoo that ranks among the best zoos of the country and many other places like Phool Bagh, Nana Rao Park, Gautam Buddha Park, Bithoor etc., which make the trip all the more worthwhile.

Best Time To Visit Kanpur
Erstwhile known as Cawnpore, this booming Indian metropolis has lots to claim than just its status of being the most populated town in Uttar Pradesh. Kanpur, the commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh, witnesses a fair share of business travelers and holidaymakers every year,

History Of Kanpur
Positioned on the banks of the River Ganges, Kanpur is the major agricultural and industrial hub of India. Esteemed high for its cultural, historical, religious and economical importance, Kanpur surely has a story to narrate.

How To Reach Kanpur
Home to one of country's top-notch engineering schools, a slew of scared shrines, thriving industries and the delectable 'Thaggu Ke Laddoo', Kanpur is definitely a city to reckon with. Better acclaimed as an industrial hub, this palmy city also has a historical and religious legacy to swash.

Shopping In Kanpur
Kanpur, the buzzing industrial city in Uttar Pradesh, may look an unlikely place for shopping. Nevertheless, browsing the city's shopping lanes should change your opinion for good. Like any other tourist destination,

Places To Visit In Kanpur
Kanpur has etched a name for itself on the global map as one of the most phenomenal industrial cities in India. Situated on the banks of River Ganges, the city of Kanpur, with its myriad historical and religious legacies, is inarguably one of the thriving industrial cities in Uttar Pradesh.