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In this article, explore about all the travel information related to the city of Pune in the west of India.


Location: Western margin of Deccan Plateau
380C (Maximum), 300C (Minimum)
Winters: 280C (Maximum), 150C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: October to May
Nearest Airport: Pune International Airport
Nearest Railhead: Pune Railway Station
Must Visits: Sinhagad Fort, Agakhan Palace, Shaniwarwada, Katraj Snake Park, Peshwa Park
Language Spoken: Marathi, Hindi, English
STD Code: 020

Pune or Punya Nagari, formerly called Poona, stands at the 8th position in the counting of the largest metropolis in India. It is the second largest city in Maharashtra, after Mumbai, and the largest in the Western Ghats. Spread over 1109.69 square kilometers, Pune is situated at 560 meters above sea level on the leeward side of the Sahyadri mountain range on the west of the Deccan plateau. Being a hilly city, the tallest peak is Vetal Hill at 800 meters, while the Sinhagad Fort, just on the outskirts of the city is located at an altitude of 1300 meters. It is an old city grabbing its traces back to 937 AD. The founder of the Maratha Empire, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj resided here in his early years. As the seat of Peshwa (prime minister of the Chhatrapati of Satara) in 1730, the city became an important political center. In 1817, the city was conquered by the British. Until India gained independence, Pune was called as the �monsoon capital� by the British and served as a cantonment city of the Bombay presidency.

After the British rule, several construction and developments took place in Pune, thereby making it a great educational hub today. Pune is a perfect epitome of education, arts, crafts, music, and theater. Over the years, Pune has developed into a significant commercial center with several companies and educational institutions been set up here. Pune experiences a tropical extreme climate with typically hot summers and mildly cold winters. While summers last from May to March, monsoons bring in most of the relief with rainfalls arriving as early as June and continuing till October. Winters are pretty dry and soothing. Ideally, the best season to visit Pune is from October to May. Pune has had an extensive history of giving birth to several spiritual teachers, the most prominent of them being guru Meher Baba and Hazrat Babajan.

Pune resides a large percentage of Hindus. The city is very popular for the manufacturing of glass, sugar, and many other industries. Pune has become a town of technology with information technology and automotive companies settling in the city in large numbers. The city houses quite many temples in and around boasting of a rich and vibrant culture. The most attractive places in Pune include Sinhagad Fort, Pataleshwar Temple, Aga Khan Palace, Raigad Fort, Shaniwarwada, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Katraj Snake Park, Peshwa Park, Kasba Ganpati Temple, and National War Museum. Due to its rich and diverse history, the architectural beauty is exceptionally marvelous and truly admirable. You can explore attracting and unique temples all around the city. The city has awesome markets, especially for the youngsters. Pune has great connectivity and promises a comfortable stay. So, wait no further to experience this mind blowing city.

Best Time To Visit Pune
The glorious historical past and the interesting mish-mash of the old and new tradition is what make Pune the cultural capital of Maharashtra and the �Queen� of Deccan. With scores of opportunities for both technically inclined and fun loving people,

Gardens In Pune
Situated 1,840 ft above sea level, the hilltop city of Pune is encircled with many rivers. Mula, Mutha, Pavana and Indrayani are some of the watercourses that skirt the city of Pune. Besides this, the climate of Pune is arid and extremely moist,

History Of Pune
Once the capital of Maratha kingdom, today Pune is renowned for its charm, serenity and adventurous attitude. It is said that the rich history of the place determines the culture, tradition and mould of the place. Pune,

How To Reach Pune
Pune was an important centre right from the days of the Maratha Empire and still continues to be a flourishing trading hub. Located in the state of Maharashtra the city was founded by the emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji who contributed much

Pune Food
Your trip is incomplete without basking in the delight of delicious specialties of the region. Pune apparently has loads of eateries and a food joint that promises to make your hungry stomach happy. Pune being the cultural capital of Maharashtra,

Nightlife In Pune
Pune, the cultural bastion of Maharashtra, has more to claim than just being the toter of history. Known for its architectural marvels and picturesque milieu, the city of Pune is a living culture, where strong ethnic roots interweave with polished modern outlook.

Places To Visit In Pune
Oxford of the East, Queen of Deccan, cultural capital of Maharashtra and the citadel of legendary Maratha Empire, the glorious city of Pune manifests itself as a lagoon of culture, art, education and industrialization. The city of Pune, with its unique culture,

Shopping In Pune
Pune is Maharashtra’s most progressive city and is inarguably one of the most thriving business centers in India. It would not be an exaggeration to tag Pune as a shopper’s delight. Depending on how deep your pockets are,

Temples In Pune
With its captivating beauty and splendid places, Pune truly perches itself as a glittering fairyland on the Deccan Plateau. Being the home to majestic history, the city has an interesting line-up of attractions like palaces, forts,

Places To Visit Near Pune
Formerly a home and capital to the late Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who established the Maratha Dynasty in 937 A.D, Pune, since then, has been a progressive town with a growing trade centre. Pune always had an important political and military stronghold on the