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Shopping in Pune is nothing short of delight and any true-blue shopaholic would willingly vouch for that. Explore this write-up to know more all about the famous shopping centers in Pune.

Shopping In Pune

Pune is Maharashtra’s most progressive city and is inarguably one of the most thriving business centers in India. It would not be an exaggeration to tag Pune as a shopper’s delight. Depending on how deep your pockets are, you can almost shop for anything here. From street-side shops to air-conditioned malls, Pune offers an overwhelming collection of diverse products. From plastic items to hi-end gizmos, Pune is a treasure trove for every shopper. The markets in Pune offers everything, right from clothing to jewelry to handicrafts and more, all at a throw away price range. The flea markets usually have more than two or more stalls selling similar products, which means the competition is usually fierce here. Therefore, you can expect a good bargain on your visit to the flea markets, especially the famous Hong Kong lane. However, if street stalls aren’t your thing and you don’t mind loosening your purse strings, then try shopping at some of Pune’s poshest malls. Go through the article to explore the famous shopping destinations in Pune.

Shopping Places In Pune

Laxmi Road
Pune’s busiest trading hub, Laxmi road is crammed with hundreds of shops and thousands of customers, moving back and forth to hunt for the best deals. The place is well-known for Indian embroidered garments, gold and silver jewelry, colorful decorated bangles and other Indian accessories. Laxmi road is the best example of the city’s energetic and vivacious environment.

Deccan Gymkhana
Also popularly known as Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, Deccan Gymkhana is located on the opposite side of the Muli River. This small market is famous for its sweet stalls selling traditional sweets like pedas and barfis, as well as a few spicy treats. Shoppers looking for leather products, home furnishings, presentation items, footwear, fruits, and other food items can expect to get good deals here. While you are in this market, look around for Hong Kong lane, which is the best place to buy goods at cheaper rates. You can shop for items like trinkets, cosmetic, flowers and street jewelry here.

Mahatma Gandhi Road
If you are a brand conscious shopper, Mahatma Gandhi Road is your ideal destination. Packed with a number of international brand stores, you can shop here for branded clothes, accessories, and gifts. The place also has many cafes, bakeries and restaurants and is a great place to enjoy multi-cuisine food. Like most other places in Pune, the shops in MG Road remain close during the afternoons and on Sundays.

Fashion Street
This street is another plush shopping centre for people who don’t mind splurging on expensive items. The street bears similarities with the Fashion Street in Mumbai and comprises of more than 450 shops. The lane caters to an innumerable selection of shopping needs that covers every possible requirements of a person. It is also one of the best places in Pune to shop for designer wear and hi-end branded stuff.

Tulsi Baug
The working population in the city usually visits this place as the goods in this lane are moderately priced. Tulsi Baug is well-known for its household products such as pots, pans, and other metal ware. Located close to Tulsi Baug is Bajirao Road, which is famous for its furniture, presentations and clothing.

Juna Bazar
Well-known for its antiques shops that sell coins, furniture, jewelry, books, stamps and many more stuff, Juna Bazar is situated close to Pune’s Railway station. Apart from buying books and furniture, you can also shop for second hand sales and replicas here. This bazaar is one of Pune’s oldest souk and remains open on Wednesdays and Sundays. The place is frequently visited by avid antique collectors.