Kochi, earlier known as Cochin, is a beautiful city of Kerala. Equip yourself with its facts by browsing through the article given below.


Location: Ernakulam district, Kerala
350 C (Maximum), 270 C (Minimum)
Winters: 250 C (Maximum), 190 C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: October to March
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport
Nearest Railhead: Ernakulam Junction and Ernakulam Town Railway Station
Must Visits: Chinese Fishing Nets, Hill Palace Museum, Dutch palace, Chendamangalam Palace Fort, Pallipuram Fort, Vypin Island, International Pepper Exchange
Language Spoken: Malayalam, English
STD Code: 0484

Cochin is the colonial-era name of the most visited tourist destination of Kerala, Kochi. Kochi city is located in on the south-western coastline of India by the Arabian Sea. The city comes under the administrative district of Ernakulam district of Indian state of Kerala. Kochi is proud to be the second largest city in the state, with an area of 95 square kilometers. This striking seaside city is lined by the Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west, which forms one of the safest natural harbors. This city is an important spice trade center, since 14th century onwards and therefore, often referred to as the 'Queen of the Arabian Sea' and also 'Gateway to Kerala'. This city is located in the vicinity of equator and thus has a moderate equatorial climate with extremely hot and humid summers, cool winters and high rainfall almost throughout the year with an average of 3228 mm.

Though you can visit the spectacular city of Kochi round the year, October to March is considered as the best time to explore the beauty of Kochi. After the destruction of Kodugallur port in 1340 A.D., Kochi gradually evolved as a major trading point for many Indian spices amongst the various countries (Arab, Britain, China, Italy and Portugal) around the world. It was honored with different names like 'Mini England', 'Homely Holland' and 'Little Lisbon' by different traders, in order to appreciate its beauty and prominence amongst them. In the year 1440, Italian traveler Nicolas Conti mentioned in his travelogue: "China is where you make your money, then Cochin is surely the place to spend it." Fort Kochi was the first European colonial settlement in India and from 1503 to 1663 it was ruled by Portugal. After the independence in 1947, this city became the first princely state to join the Indian Union.

Kochi is a multi-ethnic city of Kerala and with its commercial port, it has evolved as the financial capital of Kerala. Kochi is truly blessed with natural beauty in its backwater, beaches and islands. This makes it a potential tourist destination for nature lovers. In fact, tourism is one of the prominent factors supporting its economy, other than many local businesses. Once you are in this Gateway of Kerala, do not forget to visit the historical and natural heritage places of Kochi. Chinese Fishing Nets, Hill Palace Museum, St. Francis Church, David Hall (315 year old Dutch bungalow), Dutch palace, Chendamangalam Palace Fort, Pallipuram Fort, Vypin Island, International Pepper Exchange, Poru (River Bank), Alleppey(Backwater) and last, but not the least, Fort Kochi Beach are some of the favourable places to visit.

Best Time To Visit Kochi
Erstwhile a European colony, the port city of Kochi remains an all-time favorite hotspot for the globetrotters. Whether it is their balmy spices, intriguing colonial past, or the enormously therapeutic Ayurvedic massages, a trip to Kochi is truly relaxation re-defined. If this is your first trip to Kochi, then put your apprehensions aside for this south Indian city is as beautiful,

History Of Kochi
The history of Kochi is an intriguing one. The history of the city goes back to the beginning of the megalithic period that forms an important part of the prehistoric life in Kerala. The manuscripts such as Keralolpathi, Keralamahatmyam, Prumpadapu Grandavari shed light on the royal families of Kochi,

How To Reach Kochi
If you lust for a vacation amidst soft sandy shores, beautiful coconut palms and balmy weather, then Kochi could be your paradise. One of India's finest tropical resorts, Kochi, with its cosmopolitan mores and incredible influences of European, Arab and Chinese cultures, truly tots up as a veritable haven for the tourists.

Places To See In Kochi
Kochi, with its rich network of natural harbors and beaches, has an innate ability to spellbind any tourist. Scent of aromatic spices permeates through your nose as you walk down the streets of Kochi. The place is dotted with significant number of tourism spots like Fort Kochi, Beach, Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary,

Shopping In Kochi
Kochi, also referred to as the 'Queen of Arabian Sea', is laced with diverse culture and rich historical heritage accompanied by age-old buildings, palaces, museums and forts. Flanked by Western Ghats on the east and Arabian Sea on the west, Cochin or Kochi is an ideal getaway to God's own country- Kerala.