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Popularly called the City Of Joy, Kolkata is one amongst the four metropolitan cities of India. With this city guide, explore info about Kolkata, West Bengal.


Location: Calcutta District, West Bengal.
380C (Maximum), 190C (Minimum)
Winters: 220C (Maximum), 90C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: October to March
Nearest Airport: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
Nearest Railhead: Howrah, Sealdah and Kolkata (Chitpur) Railway Stations.
Must Visits: The GPO Building, Raj Bhawan, St. John’s Church, Shahid Minar, Magen David Synagogue, Victoria Memorial, Birla Planetarium, Howrah Bridge
Language Spoken: Bengali, English and Hindi.
STD Code: 033

Sited on the eastern banks of Hooghly River, Kolkata is crowned as the cultural capital of India. Capital of West Bengal, this city is spread over an area of 1,480 square kilometers, and is thus, proud to be one of the largest metropolitan cities of the country. Situated at an altitude of 9 meters above the sea level, this city has a tropical wet and dry climate. Its weather comprises of hot and wet summers, moderate monsoons and pleasantly cool winters. Kolkata city is the foremost business, commercial and financial hub of eastern India. This beautiful city has some other names too like ‘The City of Joy’, ‘The City of Bridges’, ‘The City of Palaces’ and ‘The Football City’.

Being the cultural capital of India, Kolkata is known for its literary, artistic and revolutionary heritage. Kolkata continues to spawn generations of poets, writers, film producers and Nobel Prize winners. Talking about the history of Kolkata, according to Indian archaeologists, the city has been inhabited for over two thousand years. However, the documented historical proof of its existence dates back to the seventeenth century, with the arrival of British East India Company in 1690. It has a great significance in Indian struggle for independence, as it is in Kolkata that the revolution for independence from the British Raj started.

Kolkata features a great amalgamation of different people and culture in it, including Europeans and other Asians like Chinese, Tibetans and so on. Being a mixture of cultures in it, this city has a great joyful spirit almost round the year. The best time to explore this wonderful city is from October to March. However, if you are visiting this superb city for the first time, try to get there in early October, as it is the time when Durga Puja is celebrated, which is considered to be the biggest festival of the city. This is the time when you can relish the colorful and festive spirit of Kolkata. So what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and explore this fabulous city in your next vacation!

Best Time to Visit Kolkata
Kolkata is a city of matchless culture, architecture, traditions, food and festivals. The city, better feted for its picturesque beauty, merges art and history to create a cornucopia of majesticity and splendor. The buildings and constructions, which are a blend of Bengali and British architectural styles,

Gardens in Kolkata
Kolkata, the city of Raj-era buildings, commodious bookstalls, charming churches, jam-packed temples and massive monuments, is also the home to many elegant gardens. Famous for its traditional art and colonial architecture, the fascinating and enthralling cosmopolitan city of Kolkata with its teeming lanes,

History of Kolkata
Kolkata, ‘the land of Goddess Kali’ is fated to go down in history as a city of historical importance and rich heritage. For a tourist’s eyes, Kolkata is a sort of a dream place where one can walk through the skeletal frame of history, smeared with blood and power.

How to Reach Kolkata
A Zen saying goes, �This second is the sacred moment and the place your feet touch is the lotus place�. This saying falls in place as soon as your feet touch the streets of Kolkata and your eyes explores its magnificent structures.

Kolkata Food
If you can’t decide between �Kochuri and Alurdom� and �Chinese Chilli Garlic Noodles�, why not get both? Kolkata, the veritable haven of both lip smacking local and tantalizing international cuisines is indeed every foodie’s ultimate stop.

Nightlife in Kolkata
Whether you wish to shake your booty to phenomenal music or experience Saturday night fever, Kolkata indeed has a lot to offer in terms of evening entertainment. The land of vintage charm and cultural heritage, the conventional city of Kolkata

Monuments in Kolkata
The incredible city of Kolkata, which teems with passion, fervor, art, film and theatre, is the home to some of the country’s most magnificent colonial structures. Feted for its colonial edifices and assorted buildings, the monuments in Kolkata reflects the rich cultural essence of the city.

Museums in Kolkata
walk down the street of Kolkata is the ultimate therapy for any tourist willing to beat the stress of his mundane self and rejuvenate himself. Kolkata, often celebrated in literature for its historical importance and proud structures,

Places to Visit in Kolkata
The very mention of Kolkata conjures up an image of old-world charm, replete with faded colonial buildings, teeming streets, archaic bazaars and spiritual edifices. Motley of both old and new, Kolkata, with its eclectic blend of colonialism and urbane universalism,

Shopping in Kolkata
Kolkata, the land of captivating charisma, colonial legacy and jovial feasts, stands apart as the icon of traditional as well as modern life. With the rise in standard of living, shopping centers have emerged in every corner of the city.

Temples in Kolkata
Kolkata, the land of joy, is best known for its diverse population and it’s never ending string of colorful festivals. Blessed with rich traditions and architectural beauty, a trip to Kolkata promises to be an unforgettable experience for the visitors.

Tourist Places Near Kolkata
Kolkata is an idyllic city that boasts of an incredible assortment of culture, style, people, food and more. Better known as the cosmopolitan pith of India, Kolkata with its rich heritage and scenic beauty truly stands out with its unique attractions.