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Check out this article to get some interesting facts of the world heritage site of Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh.


Location: Chatarpur District, Northern Madhya Pradesh
470 C (Maximum), 300 C (Minimum)
Winters: 280 C (Maximum), 40 C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: October to April
Nearest Airport: Khajuraho Airport
Nearest Railhead: Khajuraho Station
Must Visits: Western Group of Temples, Eastern Group of Temples, Southern Group of Temples
Language Spoken: Hindi, English
STD Code: 07686

Khajuraho is a small town located in the Chatarpur District of Northern Madhya Pradesh, India. Also known as the 'Land of the Moon God', Khajuraho is renowned world over for its group of monuments that have survived centuries of timeline to be where they stand today. These groups of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic sculptures, carved with human hands, have even been recognized and listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and are considered among the seven wonders of India. However, these temples differentiate themselves as depicting eroticism instead of worshipping deities like any other temple city of India. Scattered over an area of 20 square kilometers and elevated at 283 meters (average), these temples are set against the picturesque backdrop of Vindhya Range of mountains, sculptures of which represent the Indo-Aryan architecture of the medieval times and manifest Indian aesthetics.

The town's name of Khajuraho comes from the Sanskrit word of Kharjur, meaning date palms. History has it that the Moon God, driven by passion, seduced and ravaged a beautiful Brahmin girl called Hemvati, resulting in a son that was conceived by her and named him Chandravarman (founder of chandela dynasty). Later in a dream, Chandravarman was asked by his mother to build a temple which would reveal the treasure of passion and erotic fantasies to the world. These temples were, then, built between 950 Century AD and 1050 Century AD, under the reign of Chandela Dynasty of Central India. But later, with the fall of the Chandela Dynasty, these temples were hidden over dense date palm trees and were lost in ruins. It was in 1838 that a British army engineer, Captain T.S. Burt rediscovered them. It is believed that about 85 temples had been made but only 22 survived. In 1986, the place was declared a World Heritage Site.

The tourist attractions include these majestically carved temples that have been grouped as Western Group of Temples (the largest), Eastern Group, and Southern Group; with each temple carrying a different connotation with itself. Western Group comprises of Kandariya Mahadeo, Chaunsath Yogini, Chitragupta Temple, Vishvanatha Temple, Lakshmana Temple, and Matangeshwara Temple. Eastern Group comprises of Parsvanatha Temple, Ghantai Temple, Adinatha Temple, and Brahma temple. And the Southern group with just two temples, Duladeo Temple and Chaturbhuja Temple. Moreover, there's a light and sound show narrated in the voice of iconic Indian actor, Amitabh Bachchan. Tourists can also indulge themselves in shopping of iron, brass and stone sculptures depicting Kama sutra poses. There's also a government authorized crafts emporium which deals in gold and silver ornaments and sandstone statues. Khajuraho is also well linked through roadways with the neighboring cities of Jhansi, Gwalior, and Bhopal etc. It is also well connected to all the major cities of India through railways and airways. No wonder it's the second most favorite tourist destination in India, after Taj Mahal.

Best Time To Visit Khajuraho
Khajuraho, the heritage hub of India, is studded with stunning temples that simply wows you with its erotic sculptures and impeccable architecture. Each shrine laid down in this city is unique and oozes with aesthetic appeal.

History Of Khajuraho
India is a fascinating country with each of its cities boasting of spellbinding tales of its past, buttressed by perplex writings on ancient palm leaves and its mythical chronicles that are still a mystery to human minds. The history of Khajuraho is no exception to this. Khajuraho history centers on numerous stunning temples that have withstood the test of time for several centuries.

How To Reach Khajuraho
If you think a piece of stone cannot express, wait until you set your eyes on the sensuous stone sculptures in Khajuraho, evincing the different moods of a woman, and you will know how animate stones are. Lionized for its sensuous sculptures,

Tourist Attractions In Khajuraho
Inspiring architecture and erotic sculptures of temples makes Khajuraho the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. The temples of Khajuraho undoubtedly stand as graceful examples of medieval and ancient architecture and proudly display the creative boom of the bygone era. The sensuous stone carvings,

Shopping In Khajuraho
Madhya Pradesh's most enviable city, Khajuraho whose main claim to fame are its stunning temple complexes swathed with sensational stone sculptures, is truly every art lover's ultimate stop. It's no surprise that this city of moon god has been adjudged as world heritage site owing to its impeccable collection of magnificent shrines.