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With this article, explore all about the historical city and heart of Hinduism, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.


Location: On the banks of River Ganges 320 km southeast of Lucknow
460C (Maximum), 320C (Minimum)
Winters: 240C (Maximum), 70C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: October to March
Nearest Airport: Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport
Nearest Railhead: Varanasi Junction, Mughal Sarai Junction
Must Visits: Banaras Vidya Mandir, Alamgir Mosque, Bharat Mata Temple, Panchganga Ghat, New Vishwanath Temple, Benaras Hindu University, Bharat Kala Bhavan, Manikarnika Ghat
Languages Spoken: Hindi, Sanskrit, English
STD Code: 0542

One of the oldest living cities in the world, Varanasi, commonly referred to as Banaras or Benaras, is the holiest place of Hinduism on earth. This divine city is an abode of Shiva, witnessing innumerable Hindu pilgrims and tourists to wash their sins and cremate their loved ones. It has been conferred upon with the distinct title of India’s cultural capital, though it has several other nicknames as well, such as ‘the city of temples’, ‘the holy city of India’, ‘the religious capital of India’, ‘the city of lights’, and ‘the city of learning’. It is ideally located on the left side of the crescent-shaped banks of Ganges River spread over 1535 square kilometers at an average altitude of 80.71 meters.

Varanasi has produced the Benaras Gharana form of Indian classical music and gave birth to many distinguished philosophers, poets, writers, and musicians, the most eminent being Kabir, Ravidas, Munshi Premchand, Acharya Shukla, Ravi Shankar, Hariprasad Chaurasia, and Bismillah Khan. Legends say that Varanasi was founded by Lord Shiva some 5000 years back, thereby making it one of the seven sacred cities of the Hindus. Located in the north, the city experiences subtropical climate with summers and winters varying largely. The summers are the longest lasting from early April to October with onset of monsoons in-between. Come December and winters that continue till February. The ideal time to visit Varanasi is anywhere between October and March.

At anytime round the year, one can find thousands of pilgrims carrying out rituals at the ghats at the rise of the sun with centuries old temples standing tall in the backdrop. Nothing is more vibrant, charismatic, and spiritual than this mesmerizing and impressive sight in the world! A definitely must-see destination when traveling to the northern part of India! This magical yet overwhelming city is the beating heart of the Hindu universe boasting of umpteen religious sites and ancient heritage architecture. The Kashi Vishwanath Temple, also known as the Golden Temple, is the most prominent sacred shrine and tourists spot here, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The city is also blessed with one of the largest universities in India, Banaras Hindu University, another major tourist attraction. Other attractions include Bharat Kala Bhavan, New Vishwanath Temple, Alamgir Mosque, Bharat Mata Temple, Banaras Vidya Mandir (or Ramnagar Museum), Panchganga Ghat, Kaal Bhairav Temple, Gowdi Matha Temple, Manikarnika Ghat, and Dasaswamedh Ghat.

Best Time To Visit Varanasi
Nestled on the banks of the Ganges, the spiritual city of Varanasi serves as a major religious center for the Hindus. Also known as Kashi and Benares, the sanctimonious city of Varanasi, which is also one of the oldest cities in the world,

History Of Varanasi
Tucked away in the banks of River Ganges, the holy city of Varanasi is inarguably the most flocked religious destination in India. Previously known as Banaras or Kashi, Varanasi has been rightly called as the spiritual hub of Hinduism.

How To Reach Varanasi
Copious temples and spiritual sites dotted along the lanes of cityscape makes Varanasi the spiritual paradise of India. Doused in culture and tradition, Varanasi ranks high as the most sought after pilgrimage destination in the country.

Tourist Attractions In Varanasi
A place of temples, ghats, and timeless appeal, the hallowed city of Varanasi is rightly tagged as the ‘stairways to salvation’. Nestled on the banks of the Ganges, a trip to this spiritual heart of India is all it takes to uncover the real Varanasi.

Shopping In Varanasi
Varanasi has earned a reputation as the religious and cultural capital of the country. However, not very many people are aware that this city, which is renowned for its religious kiosks, river-washed ghats and spiritual ashrams,