With this article, discover all about one of the most religious pilgrimage sites of India, Shirdi in Maharashtra.


Location: Rahata Tahasil, Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra
220 C (Maximum), 200 C (Minimum)
Winters: 330 C (Maximum), 120 C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: June to August
Nearest Airport: Nasik Airport
Nearest Railhead: Kopergaon Railway Station
Must Visits: Samadhi Mandir, Guru Sthan, Khandoba Temple, Lendi Bagh, Shani Shignapur, Dwarakamai Masjid
Languages Spoken: Marathi, Hindi, English
STD Code: 02423

Renowned for housing the sacred Shri Saibaba Mandir, Shirdi is a spiritual hamlet blessed with devotional intensity in the small district of Rahata Tahasil, 83 km off Ahmednagar distrcit in the central western part of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Just 15 km from Kopergaon, one can easily access this religious pilgrimage site about 185 km east of the Western Seashore line, also known as the Ahmednagar-Manmad road. Synonymous to its name, Shirdi is the abode of the most revered saint and guru, Shri Sai Baba. As such, the history of Shirdi travels back to the 19th century when 16-year old Sai Baba visited Shirdi and began his worshipping. With a simple and ascetic lifestyle, he soon had numerous followers and devotees lined behind him.

Situated 504 meters above sea level covering a small area of mere 2 square kilometers, Shirdi enjoys a pleasant and inviting climate all round the year. Even the summers experience mild temperatures making it convenient to visit without worrying about the scorching heat and sweat. And if winter is the season you are looking for a visit to Shirdi, then enjoy the dry and cool breezes that it offers. But if you are willing to spend some quality time in Shirdi, then paying a visit during any one of the three festivals, such as Ram Navami, Guru Purnima, and Vijayadashamai, is the best time. Experience and celebrate the fun, vibrancy, and traditional culture during these festivals. The entire festive atmosphere boasting of pujas, bhajans, rath yatra, and several more events complete the holy journey.

Shirdi is most popular for the world-famous Samadhi Mandir, home of the spiritual Sai Baba's interred remains. It is at this hallowed site that hundreds of thousands of devotees, worshippers, and tourists from all across India and the world come to pay homage to Sai Baba. Due to his extreme preaching of tolerance towards all religions and spread of universal brotherhood, this pious man is nicknamed as the 'Child of God'. The site houses a beautiful and impressive statue of Sai Baba carved with Italian white marble. The special prayers and city tour of the Sai Baba statue on every Thursday is a spectacular and honorable sight to view. Apart from Samadhi Mandir, there are other sightseeing places to capture your eyes. These include Dwarakamai Masjid, Guru Sthan, Khandoba Temple, Shani Mandir, Narsimha Mandir, Changdev Maharaj Samadhi, Shri Upasani Kanyakumari Sthan, Lendi Bagh, and Sakori Ashram.

Best Time To Visit Shirdi
Maharashtra is one Indian state that overruns with religious fervor and communal harmony and the best place to experience its spiritual fanaticism is the holy shrine of Shirdi. Featuring among the top-notch pilgrim destinations in India's spiritual map,

History Of Shirdi
Shirdi is a charming, old-fashioned, quaint town located in the state of Maharashtra. A well-known spiritual destination in the country, Shirdi was the home to the renowned sage Sai Baba, who is said to have dwelled here aeons ago.

How To Reach Shirdi
Noted as the holy abode of Shri Sai Baba, the hallowed town of Shirdi evokes a sense of spirituality and mysticism the moment you step into this pious land. A visit to this sanctified town is nothing short of a spiritual sojourn.

Places To Visit In Shirdi
Sometimes the grueling sessions of life can get you longing for a break and make you yearn for a quick getaway. If you too are bogged by life and work, then maybe a trip to Shirdi is all it would take you to get in touch with life and self.