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This article revolves around the timeline of the Ancient Indian history. Explore the time line of Ancient India.q

Ancient India Timeline

The ancient history of India is as old as the country itself. The ancient civilizations that were cradled in the rich lands of India laid a strong foundation for the present day cities. The civilizations started off with a crude and unrefined form of governance and lifestyle. With the arrival of big kingdoms, administration became organized and many new developments took place. Different important events slowly shaped up the country of India as we know it now. The rich historical legacy of ancient India is covered here in the form of a timeline. This Indian time line presents the ancient history in a summarized version.

2000 BC to 1000 BC
In this time period, the following developments took place:
1000 BC - 600 BC
This time period saw:
600 BC - 400 BC
The time of 600 to 400 BC recorded the following developments:
400 BC - 0 BC
In this time period, history witnessed:
0 BC - 1200 A.D
The final stage of Ancient India saw the following events: