The culture in ancient India laid the foundation for the modern day culture. Read about the ancient Indian culture.

Ancient India Culture

The rich heritage of Indian culture can be traced back to ancient times. The practices, beliefs and customs that we follow today were established thousands of years back. In ancient India, culture was the determining factor of the Indian society. Though different beliefs were followed in different regions, the foundation base of ancient Indian culture remained the same. From every day dressing to elaborate rituals, every minute and major detail was decided centuries back. The root of Indian culture has existed since ancient times and that is what makes it so strong.

After the initial set up of the foundation by the Indus Valley Civilization, the coming of the Aryans further consolidated it. The Aryans had a particular social structure according to which administration was carried on. There was division of labor and each hierarchy had its own job to do. The merchants and the priestly class were considered very elite and were much respected and feared. There were certain symbols of worship like cows, bulls, the sacrificial fire, etc. The chanting of sacred hymns came into vogue with the Vedic age. Though agriculture was the main occupations, there was development of small scale industries and handicrafts.

In ancient India, fine arts formed an integral part of the culture. Music and dance evolved highly in ancient India and new forms of dances and music came into being. Music was usually accompanied by instruments to provide bass and rhythm. Dances required elaborate costumes, jewelry and make-up and were usually performed in temples or royal courts. Theater also originated in ancient India and was an integral part of the daily culture. People enacted scenes out of daily life like wild animals hunting for food. Some people became small animals like cows, goats, etc. who were "preyed" upon by people playing the role of carnivores like lions, tigers, etc. The culture of ancient India has been refined and modernized over the ages; what we see today is a sophisticated version of what existed thousands of years back.