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The ancient history of India is very vast and interesting. Read here about early Indian history.

Ancient India

The ancient history of India is very vast and significant. It laid the foundation of a civilization that is flourishing till today. The history of ancient India dates back to the time when humans set foot in the sub-continent. The rich culture of India is a result of the dynamic historical background. Civilization and beginning of settlements were not limited to just some parts but the whole of India. Early Indian history also has influences from the cultures that surround the country. The settlements in surrounding countries like China, Europe, Central Asia, etc. also influenced the culture in India. The effects are visible even today. In our related sections, you shall find information about the very early instances of human race in the Indian sub continent that gradually developed into a civilization of sorts.

Maurya Empire
One of the greatest empires in the history of India was the Maurya Empire. It approximately lasted from 322 - 185 B.C. Most of India was united as a single entity by the great emperor Chandragupta Maurya. His son Bindusara extended the kingdom of Mauryas over almost the entire sub-continent. The Mauryan Empire had the most powerful military force in ancient India. The greatest emperor of the Maurya dynasty was Ashoka.

Vedic Period
The Vedic Period is one of major milestones in the history of India. It is estimated that the Vedic Period in India lasted from 1500 - 600 B.C. This period brought about a multitude of changes in the lifestyle of people. The Vedic age is broadly classified into two categories: Early Vedic Age and Later Vedic age. There was development in agricultural practices, worshipping patterns, philosophical outlooks, etc.