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With its centuries-old monuments, scenic view and endless charms, Hyderabad is a must-visit tourist attraction for all. Read the article to know more about some of the popular places in Hyderabad.

Places To Visit In Hyderabad

With its unique blend of history, tradition and language, Hyderabad, the ‘City of Pearls’, invokes a colonial charm. The city, which is known for its warm welcome and great hospitality, was under the dominion of several Islamic rulers before it emerged as an independent state. That is why the city is affectionately called as ‘City of Nizam’s’. The rich culture of Hyderabad gracefully interweaves Islamic culture with Hindu traditions. The city is not only admired for its prosperous heritage but also for its glorious architecture. With its many monumental gems, museums, gardens, temples, mosques and palaces, Hyderabad attracts huge number of tourists from all around the world. With a wide number of architectural splendors to claim, the opulence of the city can never be challenged. Along with its structural beauty, the land always delights you with its vibrant life style and delectable cuisines. Wish to explore more about the older lure and exotic places of Hyderabad then go ahead and explore the article. The mystery of Nizam’s city is right here to impress you.

Tourist Attractions in Hyderabad


Charminar, one of the most popular tourist attractions of the land, serves as the principal landmark of Hyderabad. In fact, Hyderabad without Charminar would be like New York without its Statue of Liberty. The monumental structure of Charminar was built in 1591, by Mohamed Quli Qutub Shah in commemoration of the end of deadly epidemic plague. The Charminar, which means four towers, is famous for its Islamic architecture. The decorative arches, which form the major edifices of the monument, are popular for their elegant designs and water screens, which lend real charm to the Charminar. To explore this magnificent architecture, there is no better idea then to make a quick trip to Hyderabad and revel in the splendor of Charminar.

Mecca Masjid
Mecca Masjid, one of the oldest and largest mosques in India, proudly represents Hyderabad with its significant history and spectacular design. The construction of the mosque was initiated by Muhammad Qutb Shah in 1617 and was completed in 1694 under the supervision of Quranzeb. The mosque, which shares its name with Mecca, houses a special stone in the mihrab, which was especially brought from the holy land of Mecca. All though non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the courtyard of the mosque, one can definitely enjoy the architectural grandeur of the mosque from outside.

Birla Mandir
Birla Mandir, situated on top of hill Kalapahad, was built by renowned industrialist family of India, the Birlas. The temple, which houses the famous deity of Venkateshwara, is popular for its intricate marble carvings. It is believed that nearly 2000 tons of white marbles were used to complete this amazing edifice. Apart from its stunning beauty, the temple delights you with the serene view of Hussian Sagar Lake and the famous Lumbini Park. You can visit the temple on any day from 7 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 9 pm.

Salar Jung Museum
The Salar Jung Museum, perched on the banks of the river Musi, attracts huge number of visitors with its huge collection of artifacts from around the world. Mir Yousuf Ali, popularly known as Salar Jung II, dedicated a major part of the collections during his reign. Later in the absence of descents of Salar Jung, Government of India established Salar Jung museum in 1951. Today the museum, which has an antique collection of nearly 40,000 items, displays the richness of different countries around the world. Apart from the antiques, the museum is flooded with beautiful paintings and artifacts from China, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand and other countries.

Chowmahalla Palace
Chowmahalla Palace near Charminar is another historical landmark of the city, which entertains its visitors with its unique and elegant architecture. The palace, which served as the royal seat of Asif Jahi dynasty, houses some of the magnificent architectures like Council Hall, Roshan Bungalow, Bara Imam and Shishe-Alat. The meticulous beauty of the palace is open for public to view on all days except on Fridays and other national holidays.

Falaknuma Palace
Falaknuma Palace, located about 5 km away from the Charminar, was built by Nawab Vikar-ul-Ulmara, the then Prime Minster of Hyderabad. With its splendid Italian architecture and well-decorated interiors, the building serves as one of the finest palaces in the city. The palace, which is now owned by Nawab Mukarramjah Bahadur, the grandson of Nizam VII, attracts visitors with its elegant chandeliers, engraved balustrades and a huge library. On your trip to the city of Nizam’s, do pay your visit to this architectural beauty.

Paigah Tombs
The Paigah Tombs situated at Santoshnagar in Hyderabad is a unique example of architectural magnificence of the 18th century. The Paigah Tombs, constructed in the year 1787 by Nawab Taig Jung Bahadur, houses the tombs of several generation of Paigah family. These majestic tombs spread across an area of 30 to 40 acres of land are unique example of the Nizam period in Hyderabad. On your visit to this aesthetic place, you will truly be mesmerized by the enchanting marble designs and geometric perfections of the tomb.

Asman Garh Palace
Asman Garh Palace located at Malakpet was built by Sir Asman Jah, a noble member of the Paigah family. This historical wonder is noted for its granite turrets and arched windows, which are highly influenced by castles of Europe. Presently the palace is popular among visitors for its archaeological museum, which displays the rare relics of the history.

Birla Planetarium
The Birla Planetarium at Naubat Pahad is a beautiful dome shaped building, which displays various aspects of outer space. Equipped with most recent scientific instruments, the planetarium takes its visitors to the new heights of entertainments. The astonishing sky shows in Telegu and English attracts huge number of people. A new wing, called Dinosorium has been recently added to the planetarium, which houses the fossil of 160 million years old “Kotasaurus Yamanpalliensis”. Apart from this main attraction, Dinosorium is a home for many smaller fossils of dinosaur eggs, fossil tree trunks and marine shells. The planetarium is open for your service on any day except on the last Thursday of every month.