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The city of royal charm, Hyderabad, is famous for its vibrant and attractive shopping centers. Read the article to know more about some of the popular shopping destinations in Hyderabad.

Shopping In Hyderabad

Right from the glorious Moghul rule to the astonishing British dominion, the city of splendid charm, Hyderabad, mesmerizes people with its fascinating beauty and warm culture. This centuries old business centre of India has made its own mark in the history through its trade and commerce. Today, with numerous stores and market areas, shopping in Hyderabad promises to be a real joy ride. Shopping in Hyderabad gives you a cultural insight into the city of Nawabs. When talking of shopping in Hyderabad, the first thing that comes to mind is pearls. Hyderabad, being the ‘Pearl City’, offers you the best quality pearls at much reasonable rates. Apart from pearls, the city is quite popular for its ethnic saris, traditional bangles, carpets, handicrafts and most importantly traditional and funky jewelry. With such a wide list of availabilities, the shopping destinations of Hyderabad have every charm to tempt people to splurge. To widen your grasp on the most famous shopping destinations in Hyderabad, read on.

Shopping Places In Hyderabad


Charminar the most famous monument of Hyderabad is also noted for number of shopping centers, located in and around the site. In ancient times, Charminar used to be the traders’ hub. However, with time and expansion of the city, the shops were shifted to other places. Even so, there are nearly 14,000 shops in the market area today, which offers everything from the traditional items to the contemporary blitz. Most importantly, the jewelry shops in this place provide the best intricately crafted traditional jewelry. Along with the jewels and traditional outfits, Charminar is famous for perfumes, dry fruits, antique silver objects etc. On your visit to the glorious Hyderabad, don’t forget to shop on the lanes near Charminar.

Basheerbagh is one of the vibrant and most outstanding market areas in Hyderabad. The market, which is specially known for jewelry, hosts some of the biggest branded jewelry shops, noted for their elegantly designed gems, pearls and other precious stone ornaments. Apart from the jewelry, the place is also famous for saris, leather goods, bangles, footwear etc. People from various walks of life come to shop at this place at the most reasonable rates.

Koti And Sultan Bazaar
Koti and Sultan Bazaar are the oldest and most popular shopping markets in Hyderabad, which are noted for their saris, traditional wears, accessories and all other girly stuffs. Because of its wide range of availability and low cost, the markets are always crowded with bustling activities. If you want to know what the traditional market in Hyderabad means, then this is the place to go.

Begum Bazaar
Begum Bazaar is the largest and the oldest market in Hyderabad. It was established during the rule of Qutb Shahi rule. Today, this retail market sells almost all the necessary household commodities at a much reasonable price. Apart from this, the market area is quite popular for its brassware shops and other metal commodities. If you are looking for the antique piece at the best price, then Begum Bazaar is the place to go.

Shopping Malls
Like any other metropolitan city, Hyderabad is also flooded with a number of huge shopping malls and stores that offer you the best shopping experience and better service. From saris, western outfits, branded shoes to perfumes, jewelry and accessories, shopping malls here cater to all your needs. Some of the famous malls in Hyderabad are Hyderabad Central at Punjagutta, Amrutha Mall at Somajiguda, Minerva Complex in SP Road and City Centre at Ameerpet.